Golden Soup Under 10 minutes x KitchenAid

Aloha !! I hope you all feel fantastic, and if not, this soup will do that for you! Firstly because it's got an incredible golden colour that will have you dream for a minute, and secondly, because that golden colour comes from plants, and those plants will soothe you and nourish you and make you glow like you deserve it ! yaas! (totally not overselling this!)

Golden Soup Under 10 minutes (vegan, gf) -

This blog post is in collaboration with KitchenAid France, who's sent me their SuperBlender (pro blender) a couple of months ago! I've already put it to test on my blog with the ultimate healthy chocolate mousse, but I am just really excited & proud about this collaboration because KitchenAid is a brand that I've loved for years and I still cannot believe they've picked me to be part of their campaign! Also, that means more recipes for you, so I call that double win!

Anyways.. back to the soup... 

Golden Soup Under 10 minutes (vegan, gf) -

That soup recipe has a fun little story. I thought it'd share with ya! You guys know I'm not a runner. Well, you could say I have a love-hate relationship with running: I hate running but I love when I'm done. Running makes me fly & relax like no other sport/activity. Running boosts my metabolism and pushes my limits like nothing else. Why am I talking about running in a recipe post ? you'll see in a minute. So, as I said, I am not a runner because I run very sporadically. I go 5 to 7 months off, and then one day I decide to go for a run everyday of the week. Until I change my mind again. Well, I probably should write a blog post about my running story cause I've got lots to say, would you like that?
Back to the point: one day I decided to go for a "long run". it was around 6pm. I never run long runs. An hour run is already a torment for me. So, I went and I got a little too much energy and ended up running for half a marathon and 2 hours. The thing is I got lost on the way, so anyways, I got home around 8:30ish and by the time i stretched and showered and all that: I was starving
Problem : I needed food NOW. Another problem : I wanted something hot but barely had the energy to cook. Solution 1: I thought for a snap second ordering food but that idea just vanished right away, because : I didn't run 2hours to nourish myself with greasy oily not-so-healthy food. NO. I deserved pure health into me. Honoring what I've just accomplished (I mean, I still think I'm pretty badass..) Solution 2: Test out that soup function on my blender and see if it can really provide me with a hot soup in 5 minutes. 

Golden Soup Under 10 minutes (vegan, gf) -

You guessed what I picked ! I just had a few veggies at the bottom of my fridge, and dropped a few green peas in there too and a little coconut milk to nourish. That soup turned out SO GOOD! So I took a paper and wrote down what I've put in, and got it just right to share with you. 
I hope that story was worth telling. Veggies are rad. 

Golden Soup Under 10 minutes (vegan, gf) -
Golden Soup Under 10 minutes (vegan, gf) -
Golden Soup Under 10 minutes (vegan, gf) -
Golden Soup Under 10 minutes (vegan, gf) -

I know you are probably wondering : how did I cook vegetables & blend in under 10 minutes, and the answer is : I didn't cook anything. With a high speed blender you can put raw vegetables into the jar and simply blend on high speed. Because the blades spin so fast it creates a friction which heats up the content! But, I know well that not everyone has a high speed blender so if you don't, just give your veggies (carrots especially) a little cook before, and then blend up! Also, I thought worth mentioning: this technique is not made to put raw grains/legumes like rice, chickpeas, quinoa, lentils.. because those actually need to be cooked to be assimilated by our body the best way! 

Golden Soup Under 10 minutes (vegan, gf) -
Golden Soup Under 10 minutes (vegan, gf) -
Golden Soup Under 10 minutes (vegan, gf) -
Golden Soup Under 10 minutes (vegan, gf) -

One of the biggest advantage I see of making soup from raw vegetables, is that you pretty much keep the nutritive profile of raw veggies, higher in vitamins than when they are cooked. Another big advantage is time efficiency for sure! A little tip that I would give you, is making sure to use organic vegetables and wash them super well, and remove skin of any ground veggie (carrots, leaks, beets, potatoes...). Because they aren't getting heated as much as in a pan or steamer, all bacterias and potential harmful stuff for your belly will not be killed. Actually, you should be as careful as when you eat a salad! :) 

The SuperBlender from KitchenAid has this automatic soup program, that is designed to make hot soups (duh). It alternates blade speed automatically during the full 5 minutes, and it's a complete hands-free process. Which is awesome because that meant I could put my veggies in and go for a shower and come back to a hot soup - might better than a boyfriend ;) . Because this blender has a double insulated wall, it's perfect to keep hot preparations hot, and cold preparations cold! I read it also makes hot soup the fastest from all highspeed blender on the market.
But if you don't get a chance to own one, you can still try this recipe for sure! It'll just take a little more effort! Also, watch out on my instagram @amelietahiti because you might get a chance to win one soon! 

Enough rant for a damn soup !!! Here's the recipe !  


Golden Hot Soup Under 10 minutes - Recipe:

This will make 1 meal portion

2-3 medium carrots (organic best)
2 small or 1 medium zucchini (organic best)
1/3 cup green peas (I used frozen ones)
Half a shallot
1/4 cup of water (more if your blender struggles)

spices - not here to overpower the taste of veggies, I'd suggest starting with this and add on later as you feel like:
1 tsp fresh/dried thym
1/8 tsp cumin
1/8 tsp cinnamon
1 pod cardamom
1/8 tsp turmeric
1/4 tsp fennel seeds
1/4 tsp salt
a pinch pepper

add -ons: 1/4 cup coconut milk (either post blending or blended) + croutons or coconut chips like you see on the photo!


Method :
Wash zucchinis and carrots, remove skin of shallot, and peel of the carrots. Cut off the ends of veggies. Chop the carrots & zucchini roughly.   
2. Simply add all the ingredients to your blender, starting with the zucchini first as it is easier for the blades of the blender. I press start on the soup program on my SuperBlender, but you may have to blend adjusting the speed manually and stop and scrap down a few times. If you don't own a powerful blender, start by making sure the carrots are cooked. 
3. Serve in your favorite bowl and add in coconut milk if you didn't already, and coconut chips as a topping, or maybe croutons. It also pairs super well with rice and naans/pitas! I've already made it a few times :p

Golden Soup Under 10 minutes (vegan, gf) -

That's all! I told you it was that simple! I really hope you give this recipe a try ! It's definitely a time/life saver option for those lazy nights ! It's comforting and will make you feel amazing from the inside out! And.. hot to perfection, look at that steaming soup : 

Hot steaming golden soup -

Also, in case you wanted to get yourself that pricey but amazing & powerful machine that I totally recommend, here's the little code you apply at checkout for a 10% off (only works on the french website and by following this link) : BBLE10.    

If you try, let me know your thoughts below in comments, or snap a photo and post it on social media & tag me @amelietahiti so I can see and share!
Don't forget I have way more healthy & yummy recipes to share with you in my ebook TheMindfulLife, as well as on instagram so be sure to have a look at both! 

Lots of love, 

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This post is in collaboration with KitchenAid France. This post is not sponsored - The blender has been sent to me from @kitchenaidfr for trial. All opinions mine.