5 reasons why eating in coconut bowls is awesome!

So today, I wanted to take time to dedicate a full article to a small object that I really love, one that I use everyday..
my, coconut bowl ! or shall I say, 'ever-growing collection of coconut bowls', as it seems like soon my Ikea bowls will be out the closet to make room for more !!! .. 🤓😇

coconutbowls avis

To answer that urging question you have "where do I get my bowls" : I got my very first cocobowl (the pink one inside - which I don't eat in often as it might be #toxic) in a flea market when I lived in Sydney, but those you see regularly in my instagram pictures and youtube vids are from CoconutBowls.Com  . This post is not in collaboration with them, I just really wanted to talk about it. In my opinion, if I like a brand, its products, its customer service, its values.. it deserves to be known and successful for what it's doing ! and I am also super happy to help you with a little 10% discount on their website by using the code 'AMELIE10'.

Anyways, here are 5 reasons why eating in coconut bowls is awesome and why I can't live without them anymore ! 

coconutbowl review

1. It will make all your culinary creations #instaworthy and dreamy (it'sbeenproven!) 

You just have to scroll through @coconutbowls 's instagram feed or #coconutbowls to see what I'm talking about here .. :p My bowls are heat resistant (not cooking!), I eat both hot and cold in my bowls : smoothies bowls, nicecream, soups, salads, curries, oatmeal, wraps, dips, veggies, fruit, kale chips... With their tropical vibes, they'll receive all compliments and likes haha.. taking a journey to Paradise from your own place :p
Seriously tho, aren't they cute in my cupboard ? 😍

coconut bowl cupboard diy

PS : the smoothie-spin will soon become an obsession once your smoothie has been decorated.. you won't be able to skip this step :p

2. You're doing an awesome gesture for the environnement (#ZeroWasteGoals) 

The coco bowl is an awesome tool for an eco-sustainable lifestyle. Made entirely from coconut shells, they're 100% natural, bio-degradable, compostable (once they'll be "worn out!") and their production produce no waste.. quite the opposite ! CoconutBowls.com uses discarded shells from coco products manufacturers (of milk, water, powder..) that the latter treat as "waste".  Each year, millions of coconut shells (99% of them!) are discarded, burnt. Beside being a waste of natural ressource, their combustion is responsible for the release of a significant amount of CO2 and methane in the atmosphere. I really believe in the impact of action of single individuals on the environnement!  1+1+1+1...+1 = a lot. and Natural, Recycled > Plastic, Artificial :)

3. It's sturdy, long-lasting & bump resistant

You will soon see, how fascinating it is to spin, and spin, and spin your bowl before devouring its content... but, a drawback to the SmoothieSpin (or SaladSpin or CurrySpin..) is that your bowl will probably slip out of your hands couples of time ! Ooops ! 

Well.. I can now tell you that coco is a very sturdy material (unlike ceramic, porcelain, glass.. oh really ? lol) !
Those bowls are polished 3 times with organic coconut oil before being wrapped up and sent out.. and you will then be responsible for their maintenance. That being said, all you need to do is wash them by hands will a lil soap, and use oil to shine them every 15-20 uses (depends what you put in!). Their longevity will depend on the attention you will give them :). These bowls handle heat pretty well (after acclimation with hot water), however, I would personally avoid putting boiling hot stuff in, or putting them in the freezer if keeping them for years is something you want ! I got mine just one year ago and they're still in perfect condition despite eating in them daily!

4. They'll help you eat more mindfully (#mindfulness)

I don't really know what that is exactly.. but something's happening when you eat ouf of a coco bowl. A tighter, closer, bound with nature maybe? 
All you'll crave to eat in them are alike.. natural wholefoods. Plants, salads, fruits, smoothies. Of course you can eat whatever you want in them.. but putting greasy or artificial sweets in my bowls never crossed my mind! They're inviting to being creative, to allow some time to the presentation of our meals.. in order to enjoy it even more. We don't just eat with our hands or stomach, eyes are super important too in the process of satiation and satisfaction. Those bowls help me a lot to practise mindfulness.
I know this is entirely psychological but I find my salads and smoothies always taste better when I eat them out of a coconut bowl, with my spoons and forks from the same brand! 

Quinoa Salad - Recipe from my  ebook

Quinoa Salad - Recipe from my ebook

5. It will support an awesome company with ethical practices !  

As I was saying at the start, this blog post is ABSOLUTELY not sponsored, not even asked or suggested. And I mean, whichever the brand is, using a coconut bowl will offer same benefits as those previously mentioned.. but that last one is about the bowls that I personally use, those from CoconutBowls.com : I love the company, its ideas and up-cycling values, its projects, the people working there - Justine the communication manager and Jake the founder with whom I exchange few emails already, and local communities (Indonesia and Vietnam for now), who are manufacturing the bowls and are fairly & ethically paid, listened and treated.


Even though the brand is really active on social media, especially instagram, CoconutBowls.com is still a small Australian company that deserves to be more popular internationally, which is why I always am so happy to promote them when I can! It's really that kind of brand I want to support with my money, where value of your dollar is multiplied- its impact, direct and real.
Additionally, the company has an awesome sustainability project in which for each order made on their website, a bowl is set aside. Later, all those put aside will be given to an event, a café, restaurant.. in order to replace plastic plates and cutlery ! The project is called Plants Not Plastic, you can read more about it here !

and, here’s how I make my own coconutmilk from whole coconuts, I thought this was the perfect fit for this post!

I hope you liked this post and that you could discover an eco-friendly alternative and company that I really love! I also use their spoons, forks.. and I am thinking of gifting (to myself lol) one of their new soy candle or bamboo straws that I've been eyeing for a bit now !They kindly gave me a 10% discount for you to use on all their products with the code "AMELIE10" enjoy!

Btw, you can check out other products I use daily and recommend by clicking on the page "MY ESSENTIALS" I made it just for you ! 

Hope to see you soon on my blog or social media! Lots of love! <3