7 things I do to instantly feel so much better!

Today I wanted to write about the things I absolutely LOVE to do when I feel crappy.
Because yep, i am human. No matter how much positive you might think I am on insta & youtube, I also have crappy days and days where my self-esteem is down under ground.

7 things to feel good www.amelietahiti.com

When I do these things (I might not do all at once, but 3-4 from the list!), I just feel SO MUCH better right away, yet nothing drastic changed!
I am hoping this might help you or inspire you. Save this blog post so you can go back to it whenever you need! 
Alrighty let's start!  


7 things to feel good www.amelietahiti.com

Whether you live on your own, with your parents, family or flatmates. Whether you have a bed, a room, or an entire apartment to yourself. Clean YOUR space. Consider your space as this little bubble you can come back to whenever you feel drained, where you can recharge & be inspired. This bubble can't be messy. The mess around you will make you feel messy on the inside. And then you'll have trouble focus and feel like there is too much going on that you can't control.
I like to clean it ALL, but when I don't have much time, I at least : arrange my desk (pile, files, pens..), clean out dining table/TV table, make it cute - maybe add flowers in a vase. Do my bed & couch (pillows, throws), clean dirty dishes & dry them and vacuum all floors. 

7 things to feel good www.amelietahiti.com


7 things to feel good www.amelietahiti.com

'Ok yea, she's a clean freak I get it' LOL, I know that's what you think. But I had to put this in a different point, as to me, cleaning windows has a different impact. First, if the windows are dirty, it will darken your space because of the dust (often polluted) that lets less light in. And we all know that light & sunshine: increase vitamin D : increase serotonin : increase mood : increase happiness. Second, you actually will enjoy looking through the windows more, and if you are lucky, you may have a nice view of the outdoors & nature - which are another source of happiness & freedom. Third, It's better for your health as all those nanoparticules you leave on the windows will eventually make their way in.. which you don't want obviously !
Lastly, open the windows to freshen air up for at least 10 minutes everyday! I do this even in winter!  


7 things to feel good www.amelietahiti.com

For this, I like to pick ONE space to organize at a time. So let's say it might be the cabinet in my bathroom, the cupboards of my kitchen, my closet, my admin files, or even my computer (my fav to do!). Just, whatever I feel like doing this day. This is a task we all dread to do but is actually one of the easiest thing you could do. There is no drastic thinking involved. All you need is some good vibes energetic music and get started!

7 things to feel good www.amelietahiti.com

It can appear super overwhelming, so here's how I like to structure this task : 1. I always start by clearing things making 3 piles : keep, throw and give/sell. 2. From what is left, I organise by section either in my head or I make actual piles (for clothing it could be pants, tops, dresses or summer/winter, or colors; for the bathroom it might be skin/hair/nail etc). 3. I CLEAN the space before putting things back (the actual cupboard), I wipe of dust from my stuff, I clean the jars if needed, I fold my clothes properly.. and 4. finally put them back and admire the work done! 
This is really an easy thing to do for such an empowering sense of accomplishment ! 


7 things to feel good www.amelietahiti.com

Man, again, I needed to put this separately from the rest because, to me, this is SO DARN EFFICIENT and if I have absolute no time to do any of the other things, I will do this as top priority. Like most of you, I do not wash my bed sheets everyday. I shower each night and don't eat or live in my bed whatsoever, so I can pretty much do a washing load every 2 weeks without feeling like I sleep in a nest of bacteria (I do wash my pillowcase more often). 
But this thing of having about 2 weeks worth of the same sheet can have a bigger impact on our life we might not notice - at least it does for me:
I'm going to try articulate my thoughts, bear with me. LOL
Most of the time when we feel bad, we say 'tomorrow is another day', right? And most of the time, yea, tomorrow is another day, yet we still feel the same. I think that is because the time frame is super short & we are on the same cycle in our head. I think, naturally (without forcing ourselves to change things) our mindset can't really change drastically within a day, but it can from weeks to weeks. What changing sheets does to me, is it helps me get onto another cycle. It brings a new touch, a clean atmosphere, a fresh start. So, maybe that is just really personal and maybe you think I'm crazy comparing changing sheets to changing mindset, but that is truly how I feel ! 
PS : once again, you will think I'm crazy BUT,  if you can, IRON your sheets! it looks so much better and feels like a hotel! 


20 minutes moving or a hard 15 minutes is, for me, the minimum to actually feel like I've done something. Maybe for you it's more, maybe it's less. So, I do a 20 minutes workout at home (usually I write something down quickly, or do one from my youtube - is this weird ? lol), followed by 20 minutes yoga ! I get BONUS FEEL GOOD POINTS if I light up candles (even during the day) or incense during yoga: it creates a really nice 'self-care' atmosphere ! Other option I like instead or additionally to yoga would be meditation or take a nice bath with candles !  

Yoga in Paris - @amelietahiti
7 things to feel good www.amelietahiti.com

NOW, let's not forget what you wear. Wear something that makes you feel empowered. Clean clothes that make u feel sexy or just super comfy, or maybe you want to be bare ;) !! This really does impact your mindset, if you stay in the same clothe you've been sad in all day.. then you'll keep those bad energy with u ! 

If you want some inspiration for your workout, you could try some from my youtube channel - I'm doing it all with you! I'll link a few below but feel free to have a look directly on the channel for heaps more! 


Brace yourself, you totally are going to feel like the new Bob the Builder ! LOL.
Ok, well, maybe don't get into repairing something you know you actually don't have the skills for (like something so complicated there's an actual job/qualification for it lolol). I'm more talking about smaller things like : repairing that broken ikea table, re-screw your chairs, hang that frame or shelf, bleed your heater, care for your plants and repot them, unclog the pipes from your sink, change oil from your car or recharge the battery.. you know it ! that thing that's been on your 'i'll do it later' list for so long ! Yep, yep, do it now, you will feel FANTASTIC & bad ass. Plus, if you unclog the toilets or bathtub of your shared apartment, your flatmates will have lifelong admiration to you : TALK ABOUT FEELING VALUED & ESSENTIAL ;) 


Last but not least, this is another feel good & empowering activity!
Because, even if your life is a total mess at the moment (hopefully, if you've done the previous things, it's getting better ;)), at least there is one thing you have under control : food. And that is re-assuring - not having to worry about what you're going to cook or eat during the week so you can focus on other things.
Of course don't go OCD (unless you know it works for you) by trying to plan every single meal ahead, because that can actually cause anxiety.
When I say meal prep, I'm talking about : cooking a big batch of grain like rice, quinoa, buckwheat. Maybe doing a giant soup or curry. Cooking a lot of roasted veggies to add to salads or meals during the week. Making banana bread or healthy muffins for the week. Milk almonds (lol ;))  ! Anything that can save time but also super versatile to change up meals depending on your hunger level and mood! 
If you need some inspo, you will find my favourite recipes in my ebook 'The Mindful Life' - on my youtube channel or instagram

I hope this blog post inspired you to get your sh*t together. 
Or maybe it will just inspire me whenever I need it. haaa. 

Let me know if you've enjoyed reading this, I would ABSOLUTELY love to know what YOU do to feel better ? hope we can chat soon ! 

Lots of love,