My ebook The Mindful Life is out!

And so here's a little post to talk about it, yep 

The long waited ebook is out

When I say long waited I mean for myself. I've wanted to write an ebook for so long and was constantly feeling like it wasnt the right moment but one day I said hey ... let's just start ..

Then I spent days creating, writing, testing recipes, photographing, learning, eating, drinking, and have a few minutes a day to workout. 
I'm not to complain. I LOVED writing and sometimes was awake till early morining to finish off a section..
Then I had to translate it into french which wasn't the most entertaining tbh haha, but ...
That's it, The Mindful Life is out and you can check it out in The Shop tab of this website! If you want to know about what exactly is in this ebook everything is said (+ few stuff kept secret ;)) in that section ! I want to remind ya it is an ebook hence no paper version, just a pdf that you can download on your computer, tablet or smartphone :)

Why did I chose to SELL this ebook ? Ok, I'm not keeping it secret from you guys, my ebook isn't free, it is 14euros. Apart from being a 65+ vegan recipe book (created & tested myself) it is a condensed version of everything I know about nutrition, health, fitness, sport, veganism  etc. As much as I love to make you happy and to help you , this ebook is for those who are interested in knowing what are my favourite recipes and have all these info in one single place, as well as to give me an extra support ! :) I wanted it to be affordable for all. 14euros, it's quite easily spent on clothe or on dinner out .. sure it isn't 5 euros but I think it is an useful & thoughful investment in yourself ! Less cheaper than many guide promising dream life and body !

I love creating content and help you out and I'm very grateful and blessed with your support, whether it comes in form of comments, messages or buy buying my ebook, thank you. 

Thanks to all who alreay got it, I hope you will love it,

Talk to you soon !! Amélie