Blueberry & Cacao Smoothie Bowl

Friends, I present you a delicious smoothie bowl :) 

flat lay smoothie bowl

So I whip'ed this up real' quick this morning and it was delicious so I thought I'd share it with you as a very easy breakfast idea! I love having smoothie/nicecreams for breakfast as the fruit provides me with so much nutriments and minerals and vitamins and sugars that will give me lots of energy WITHOUT leaving my stomach heavy..hard digesting feeling blah.

For these 2 bowls :
- 4 frozen bananas
- 1 big handful of frozen or fresh blueberiz
- A heaped tablespoon cacao
- Optional : little bit of water if your blender isnt a high speed blender 

Toppings : Passion fruit, coconut chips, kiwi, figs, bananas and more blueberries

Method : Put everything in the blender, and let sit a bit so that the bananas gets a little softer (if you have a highspeed blender just omit the wait!) and pulse until smooth and creamy texture ! Pour into a bowl, and add all toppings of your choice :)

Hope you enjoy! 

xo Amelie