Benefits of cold-pressed juices + 3 recipes

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For those of you who follow me on instagram, you know that few days ago, I received a very, very exciting parcel !! A Whole Slow Juicer (thank you so much SlowJuice) !! Never would have thought I would one day have one of these machines ! Firstly because they are pretty pricey, and secondly because I didn't really see why I'd need one compared to making juices in my blender and then filter... But the experience has been (very) promising !!!😄 ..Today I'm sharing with you 3 juices recipes that I have loved to create, and my feedback on ZE juicer ! 😝

This blog post is in collaboration with  SlowJuice. delivers to France and Belgium, it is a website carying different brands of kitchen juicers/blenders, available in several european countries, including France, UK, Netherland, Germany and Italy. Make sure you get the right website by looking it up in google !

Before diving into the recipes, let me introduce you my friend :D 

Welcome Mr. Zebra ByZoo SlowJuicer : 

Zebra ByZoo juicer review

So, to be honest, I wasn't expecting something that bulky & heavy (7.5kg!!) .. and mostly, that a slow juicer takes, indeed, quite a lot of space ! What am I telling you this ? If you don't know already, I live in a studio in Paris (I'm really not to be sorry for!) but my counter top isn't 10m long haha I had to change the spot I put my nanas to ripen in order to fit this in! Anyways, I just think I didn't really know what to expect and I was quite surprised! That being said, the juicer is somewhat 'compact' in the sense that once tidy up, it doesn't take that much space on counter area, compared to other juicer that are wider and shorter.  

When I received it, I thought I had to built an IKEA furniture hahaha! There wasn't much pieces but I found some weird things on the instruction booklet .. I then realised, after trying to imbricate in 432432 different ways without success, that half of the juicer was already well in place ... that was it then.. LOL ! The instruction was actually to build the whole juicer once it's completely split up (after wash) !
Here is a little overview of the different pieces (it also comes with a bigger filter (allow more pulp to come through), and another object - which I haven't found the purpose yet ?? - not photographed here!) 

Pardon my french.. haha, I made this for the french blog post but I don't want to put english name in case it is not the correct term! You gotta do your homework and ask google ;) 

Pardon my french.. haha, I made this for the french blog post but I don't want to put english name in case it is not the correct term! You gotta do your homework and ask google ;) 

I'm not a pro in making juices. lol.  I admit that because I'm such a fast-paced/ on-the-go/ lazy self.. i often find making smoothies a lot easier. When I got the slow juicer, i wondered, what's different to a traditional juicer ? Or to making juices in my blender ? Why are they so expensive (today 349 euros instead of 399, and some can go up to 2K !) That was a good opportunity to do more research !

Slow Juicer and traditional juicer have different process. Without going into too much details, a traditional juicer has a grater spinning at a very high speed (20000 R/Min), and the slow juicer has a screw turning at a very low speed (38R/Min for my juicer). I don't have to talk about the blender that you know already.. and that's also spinning at a very high speed. So, what's the big deal ?  The more you mix and spin the fruits, the more they are rubbed, thus heated, the more they'll lose their precious vitamins. And, personally, when I drink a juice, apart from the fact it's delicious and guilt-free treat, it's also to provide lots of good nutrients to my body! Otherwise.. i'm better off with a smoothie you know ;) .. So, in my opinion, if you want to have all properties of fruits and veggies (cause yea, veggies are amazing in juice!!) in a juice, a slow juicer is the best option. Let's also consider that way you can keep your juice in the fridge for days without any (or very small) lose of minerals and nutrients, which isn't the case if you use a traditional juicer or blender that allows more oxydation. 

My opinion : 

I am IN LOVE. About everything !! All juices I've made so far have been pure bliss (using mainly seasonal fruits!). You really can feel that the quality of the fruit and veggies isn't altered, they're revitalising. What surprised me most is the quantity of juice this machine is able to produce ! I thought I'd need 10 oranges to make 2 glasses but you really need far less! You'll see with the recipes, I've included all ingredients + the quantity of juice I've been able to extract ! I find the juicer very quiet (you can definitely make your juice at 5AM without having a fight with your neighbours haha), and I love the wide mouth to put all fruits in as whole.

Personally, I've peeled my oranges because... i don't know.. i feel like the skin could make the juice a bit bitter, but for apples, they all fit in without cutting ! It's really a time saving ! About cleaning, I really thought it would be quite a nightmare but it really isn't that bad after all.. I just add a bit of water after my juice, and then I finish cleaning with tap water and the brush included to brush the sieve (5 minutes max!) 

Finally, watching the colors of the pulp mixing together is just fascinating ahaha !! We can also chose to close the 'tap' while it's juicing, which allows to get a homogeneous mixed juice in the extracting bowl, before pouring into glasses for example ! For the pulp, I am lucky enough to have a composter down my building. Majority of nutrients are kept in the juice anyways, so you really feel less guilty about throwing the fibers away!  


So, it's 100% positive for me, and even if I haven't 'bought' this juicer, if I did, I would absolutely not regret my choice ! I've been using it everyday almost since I got it (that was 10 days ago or so!). 

SlowJuice Review Zebra Cold Pressed

Now, let's move on to the recipes ! 


nectarine orange juice

You will need :

1/4 lemon (I kept skin on)
3 juicing oranges
1 small chunk ginger
1 nectarine ou peach really sweet! 

You will get with Zebra SlowJuicer : a bit more than 400mL of juice,  or a tall (ikea) glass!


That juice is madness !!!! :D






beet juice
beetroot apple juice

You will need :

2 apples
1 big handful pineapple
6-8 ripe strawberries
half a small beet, or full small beet (I'd recommend full after trying!) 

You will get with Zebra SlowJuicer : a bit more than 550mL of juice,  or 2 small glasses! 



Nutrition tip:
Beetroot is known to 'enhance' physical performances because it raises nitrites levels in the blood, which turns into nitrogen monoxyde.. which (would) allow muscles to work with less oxygen need.. of course that's still being studied, and don't expect to beat 3times your PRs haha!! 


GREEN JUICE (how not ? ;))

green juice recipe

You will need :

1/2 lengthy cucumber
2 big handful pineapple (here it's frozen, unfortunately I didn't have fresh anymore.. but it works fine in the juicer!) 
2 big handful lettuce or spinach
10 mint leaves

You will get with Zebra SlowJuicer : a bit more than 330mL of juice,  or the quantity pictured on this photo!

So, ready to juice ?

If you don't have any slow juicer, you can of course recreate these recipes in a smoothie with your blender, or just blend and then filter in a nut milk bag or dishtowel! :) 
If you want to purchase the juicer, here's the link :   Extracteur Zebra ByZoo on 

Lots of love!!


This post is in collaboration with SlowJuice.Fr. This post is not sponsored - The ByZoo slow juicer has been sent to me for trial. All opinions mine.