DIY: Reusable Cotton Pads

So it's been a while that I discovered reusable pads, through my friend Alice (her blogyoutube, and tutorial, go check her out!) ! and... it was love at first sight ! lol! Not only these cottons are smooth and washable and cute.. but you will make such an eco-friendly move by stopping to consume these 'single-use' pads that fill your bathroom garbage bin. Also, they're pretty cheap to make so no excuse! Well.. you can also buy them .. but they'll always be 100% better if YOU make them.. just sayin' ahaha !

I wasn't too sure which fabric to use, but I ended up going with bamboo microfiber. (I bought a piece through a french website called Tiloudou.. but they don't do overseas deliveries. I'm pretty sure you can find it in many stores tho! I also bought these pieces called 'braided cord' when I was in Paris, in a cute shop called Petit Pan. Here's what it looks like : 

When everything's ready.. the hardest part is to START SEWING.. aaah I didn't really think about that... *sight... hahahah

Initially, I wanted to have that cute biais braided cord on all sides. But I soon realised it would be TOO much work for someone that has never used a sewing machine. LOL! (that being said, if I did it.. you can definitely too!) So I ended up doing only 2 sides + a little cute 'tongue' on the third side.. it isn't this bad, isn't it ? 

For 12 cotton pads, I used : 

  • 108 x 20 cm bamboo micro-fiber fabric (I bought 20cm of a 180cm width fabric on Tiloudou : this one exacltly)
  • 300 cm of braided cord (20cm for both sides + 5cm for tongue** for each pad)
  • White sewing thread
  • A needle
  • A measuring tape and/or T-square
  • A sewing machine
  • Few pins 
  • Sewing scisors 
  • A LOT OF SELF-CONTROL and PATIENCE. I SWEAR. my first cotton took me about 2hours to finish.. lol

** I wanted to match the pattern of the sides.. but you can definetly use a ruban of 5cm ! :)  

I'd also highly suggest that you make all of your cottons at once.. meaning you will make one steps on each cotton before you start moving onto a next step. This will save you a lot of time! :)


Method to make a cotton pad: 

1. Cut a fabric rectangle of 9cm x 20cm (I ordered 20cm fabric, which saved me lots of time already!) Also, use a T-Square if needed.

2. Cut braided cord : 2 x 10cm and 5cm for tongue (or 5cm ruban!). 

3. Sew with the machine, on the right side of fabric, the tongue (or 5cm ruban) in the middle of the border of the fabric's width. 

4. Pin the braided cord of 10cm: Position the braided cord, on half of the fabric's lenght, on the right. The little 'bump' from the cord, must be towards the inside. Then fold the other half of the fabric, on top. Pin everything so that the braided cord stays well attached to both sides. By now, you should now have almost a square of 9cmx10cm. The braided cord shouldn't be visible. 

5. Sew the braided cord, with help of sewing machine. Make sure to really sew along that little 'bump' otherwise the finish look won't be pretty. Also, don't forget to backstitch, to really secure everything. Also, you want to start from the 'closed' or 'folded' side of the pad, as it is a lot more easier to reposition if needed.

6. Repeat step 4 and 5, on the left side

7. Now you want to hide both ends of the cords for a clean and pretty finish! That's also what creates this cool roundish corner look. Sew a straight seam, along the border of the closed side of the pad (the one where there isn't anything). You want to be not too far from the border because otherwise your pad will be to small..BUT at the same time, you want to make sure to sew over both of the cord's ends.

8. Now there's only one side left to sew. You can do this by hand entirely, or use the machine like I did. Sew 2 seams on either side of the tongue (align with its seam too! ), about 3cm each. Cause.. all you've done until now, has been done on the wrong side of the pad.. so you want to make sure you leave enough space to flip the fabric over. 

9. Cut all unnecessary fabric (sides) because otherwise the corners won't be fully clean! BE CAREFUL not to cut anything important tho!

10. Turn the fabric over, and finish the embellishment with a few hand stitches ! 

AND VOILÀ ! Aren't they cute ?

Hope you give it a try ! :) Make sure to tag me on social media if you recreate! @amelietahiti


XO Amélie