Earth Day


Let’s celebrate this Planet by not taking it for granted! Although, I think we should celebrate it EVERY SINGLE DAY! Let’s take a minute to be grateful ☮️

princeville Kauai

We’ve destroyed Earth so much these past few years it makes my heart bleed...💔 Sometimes, I can’t possibly comprehend how some humans can be so egoists and self-centered, while being fully aware of their actions..

Did you know that Earth is 4.6 Billions years old. Scalling to 46 years, we've been here for 4hours.. industrial revolution has started a minute ago.. and has already destroyed more than 50% of forests... 

Let's remember that : 

  • Earth is magicly beautiful 🔮
  • Nature is the most beautiful thing 🌺
  • The life on an animal is not worth any less than ours 🐝🐥🐘
  • Ressources are not unlimited 🌎💦
  • Actual consumption habits are not sustainable
  • Going Vegan is the most effective thing you can do to help

About 8 Months ago, I went vegan cause I just couldn’t live in this world contributing to its death.. I can’t push enough that you all educate yourself on what’s going on! Here are some useful ressources I recommend:

List of products/brands that DON'T test on animals  
List of products/brands that DO test on animals

There's also a bunch of things you can do to be more eco-friendly... here's what

For all that pollution, waste, animal exploitation, habitacle destructions, species extinction... We are the generation that need to change the story! Educate ourselves to show the good example to the future generation.

Let’s HEAL and PROTECT Earth ALL Together 🌍🌿🌸🐮☮️

XO- Amélie