Full vegan menu idea for a special occasion.

Hi guys ! Today I want to show you a full special occasion vegan meal ! I know. Christmas dinner, gone. NYE, gone. Oops, I’m really really not in the right timing ! LOL Truth is, december was a bit overwhelming and i wanted to focus more on photography and my youtube channel.. For 2017, I want to spend a bit more time on here ! Happy New Year by the way ! 
Anyways, there is going to be plenty of other occasion to have dinner parties this year so I’m still posting this blog !! These recipes actually come from my latests youtube videos but I think it’s always great for people who prefer to read things, or just for you if you’re passing by and have no idea that I also have a youtube chanel ! 
What I like about these recipes is that they are festive and yummy yet still pretty healthy as majority of the ingredients are wholefoods ! Perfect if you are taking care of your health (you should btw hihi)
Hope you will like them, let me know !  Let's start with : 


1.    Vegan Blinis (that actually taste like blinis)  
This recipe is adapted from my Mom’s by replacing milk by soy milk and cream by soy
cream. However, for the egg whites, I didn’t want to try another hypothetic fail of aquafaba egg whites so I decided I would go with something a bit more physical, vinegar. In fact vinegar when mixed with baking soda, creates a bubbling effect (off-gaz) si perfect for that fluffy texture ! Of course don’t put too much vinegar or it will taste !

vegan blinis recipe

Ingredients (for about 20): 
120g flour
2.25 tbsp sugar
8g baking soda
135 ml soy milk
45 ml soy cream
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
pinch of salt. 
Method : Mix dry ingredient, add wet (besides vinegar), whisk, let in a cool place for 30 min. Then add vinegar. Drop 1 tbsp per blinis in a heated pan, cook like pancakes, wait for the bubbles to come, and flip, cook another 1 min ! I like to store blinis in a dishclothes and wait until its time to eat so they are still warm ! I topped mine with hummus, rocket and cranberries !

2.    Vegan Zucchini Roses
 : one or 2 zucchinis
Homemade vegan cheese spread: 1/2 cup cashew pulp, 1.5 tbsp nutritional yeast, 1 tbsp herbs, ½ tsp garlic powder, fresh basil, and a bit of cashew milk if too dry.
Here is how I do the cheese: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=orlDYXW3spA&t=5s
Method: using a peeler, I make thin raw zucchini slices and then spread the cheese on top, roll it, and take a small bowl and arrange around to make it look floral :) 

zucchinis roses flower

3.    Indian Eggplant Dip  
I got super inspired by a dish I tried at an indian restaurant the other day ! It was soooo yum ! I then looked up online what it was that made this dish so special and turns out it was the way the eggplant was cooked ! You need to BURN the skin ! YES ! So if you have a flame, do so.. if not you can do as I did, which is cooking it in a very hot oven on the grill, slices. 
Ingredients : 1 to 2 eggplants
2 onions
cumin, garlic and tanfoori spice
lime juice
small can of tomatoes.
½ tsp cornstarch
Method : Cut eggplant in slices dispose on towel paper. Add salt to remove excess water for about 10 minutes. Rince off salt, and pat dry again. Then place on aluminium foil and grill for 7 minutes on each side. Alternatively, you want to “burn” your eggplant with a flame so you get a great smoky flavour. Then, remove the skin. 
Sauté the onions, garlic, cumin, tandoori, lime juice and tomatoes. Add eggplant flesh and tomato mix to the blender. Add cornstarch and more spices if you want. Blend ! eat like that (with coriander) or add ½ cup plant-based milk, blend, cook on stove for 2-3 minutes. Add fresh coriander, All done! 

vegan Baingan Bharta

  4.    Vegan avocado mousse with vegan pain d’épices.
Ingredients : Pain d’épices vegan (recipe here)– 2 avocados, 15 mint leaves,1 lime juice, 1/3 long cucumber.
Method : Put everything into the blender (except pain d’épices) and mix until creamy. In a small shot glass, place cubed pain d’épices, avocado mousse and top with black sesame seeds !  

mousse avocat menthe verrine

5.     5 Minutes microwave veggie chips
Choose your veggies (I used potatoes, sweet, purple, normal and carrot). Make very very thin slices, I used a peeler ! Add wraping paper to a plate so it’s a very flat surface, spread oil over and add your slices, add oil again, add salt, herbs, whatever you want. Cook 4.30 min in the microwave and then let dry for 30sec! YUMMY and CRISPY ! Enjoy !

chips legume microonde

If you want to see the video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eilutmuoSaA


tourte vegan

so I wanted to create a dish that would feel comforting and hearty and festive and so I came up with that pie (sort of shepard) with 2 stuffings, one sweet and one savoury! Also, this is a very cheap meal because total cost under 13 euros that is like less than 3e per person ! 
For the dough, I wanted the quick version so I went to the shop to buy a puff pastry but you could make your own as well ! 

Layer 1 : Potato mash
- 2 medium to large sweet potato (830g)
- 2/3  of small buternut (365g) 
- spices : nutmeg, cinamon, salt and pepper (dose to your liking) 
Method : wash, peel, cut and steam until fork tender. Then drain if excess water, and add spices, adjust to your liking. Set to cool. (note : this makes like tiny tiny bit leftovers depending on the side of your baking tin)

Layer 2 : Lentils-Mushroom stuff
Ingredients : 
- 6 dollops of vegan gravy (see below
- 1 onion
- 670g mushroom
- 1 can rinsed and drained lentils
- 30 g crushed walnuts
Method : brown the onion, add the mushroom and cook until all water has come out and is gone. You want the mushroom to be really brown and soft. Add the vegan gravy and stir in. Add the lentils and the walnuts. Adjust salt and pepper. 

VEGAN GRAVY (this is inspired by the greatest of all Angela from OhSheGlows, check her out !) : Brown 2 onions, and about 3 cloves of garlic. To a bowl, whisk 55g of flour with 2 cups of water. Add it to the pan. Add about 2 tbsp nutritional yeast, 45ml reduced tamari and pepper. Stir in until thick and blend until smooth. Bring to boil again and it’s ready ! Store extra in the fridge : ) 

FOR THE PIE : Spread the first dough in the tin (make sure it’s big enough to fold over the 2nd, if not, roll it out a bit). poke few holes with a fork. Add first layer generously (should have a bit leftovers !) Add second layer. Then add 2nd dough and cut like im showing in the vid. Discard excess. Press the 2 dough together to ensure it’s sealed and it won’t leak. Then, do whatever decoration you want ! : ) Bake for 40 min at 180-200 (I may know your oven better than me here !! i never know how long i’ll have to cook  and i had to put it back to the oven a couple of times because the bottom wasn’t cooked. Also, my oven is not a real oven so it might be why :p)
Here is My video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=upynKT6yp_U&t=1s
Hope You enjoy ! 

For a healthier version, just skip the puff pastry, make the mushroom gravy and instead of lentils, stir fry some tofu (see picture below)! I actually had that version with a coconut milk risotto with leak at christmas and it was delicious too ! 

vegan gravy tofu


vegan chocolate decadence

I wish I could show you a cute picture but this one is just the dish halfway through eating ! I forgot to take a pic it was so beautiful ! haha Anyways, I’ll try to share with you what it should look like. This one was a creation from my sister. She made non-vegan desert and I just got inspired to create a vegan version for me.
For the first step : you need to make chocolate spheres. For that, use google because I have no idea how my sister did them ! lol
Then create a circled base where you will be putting the first half of the sphere on. I mixed hazelnuts, dates, oats, and coconut shred. I’m sorry I don’t have the exact proportions as I just did that roughly ! It has to be a sticky mixture. Take a circle shape, like those cookies shapers but a big one, and put the mix in and press with your fingers so it really sticks together and is a nice shape. 
Then on top, put that first chocolate sphere. Add in some fresh pears, speculoos butter, and some cashew base cream (again, I don’t have the exact recipe, I just have mixed soaked cashews with water and lime juice and put in refrigerator for it to thicken). Then put the other half of the chocolate sphere on a hot plate for it to start melting, then add it on top of the first half and it will (should) seal. Then, heat up some dark chocolate with vegan butter, and pour onto the chocolate ball ! It should melt it ! 
It’s so good I swear ! I need to make it again !! 
Hope all these vegan recipes gave you ideas on what you could make/bring to a dinner party, or just a great dinner at home !