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Hey you all! I’m laughing inside as I start writing this blog post because somehow I was going to say «sorry for being so late, I hate being late», and then I remembered that I’m literally late almost everyday to anywhere I go.. (those who follow my instagram stories know lol). It’s like being late has become a part of me, which is so sad. I used to be the 15minutes early type-of-person and now I’m the «tell her 10am for a 10:30am meeting so she’ll be on time» type-of-person… Paris, what did ya do to me?

Anyhooo. I know we’re the 18th December and this blog post has almost became irrelevant. But, since you’re reading it now, I guess you’re late too, right? That’s ok. Welcome to the last-minute christmas gifts fam.

Actually, whether you celebrate Christmas or not, these ideas are great all-year-round gifts, so don’t hesitate to bookmark that blog post or pin the photos for future birthdays, little attentions with big or small budget and sooo on! 

So, I’m a ’holistic lifestyle’ blogger, passionate about all things fitness, food, veganism, yoga, meditation, nutrition, sustainability, wellness… it’s no surprise those ideas are for people who are either really passionate about the same type of lifestyle (partially or totally), either interested in making healthier & smarter lifestyle choices :) 

A little tip to help you get the perfect gift : when I’m buying someone a gift (even to myself) I like to follow a few rules (unless I know exactly what the person wants!) 

  • Think useful before a little silly.

  • The best gift isn’t necessarily the most expensive.

  • Pay attention to the person’s values, lifestyle choices & taste.

  • Make sure the gift contributes to the person’s health/wellbeing or at least not detrimental to it. (I wouldn’t buy unhealthy food to someone, because I care about the person and there’s always the option of getting a healthier version that tastes as naughty!) 

  • Always keep/ask for the receipt, in case the person would like to return the product (it’s really nice to let the person know they can). 

None of the mentioned products, brands or services are sponsoring this blog post. 

Let's start shall we ?

budget friendly vegan gift amelietahiti.jpg

Produce bags are awesome to avoid paper/plastic bags when going to the market or grocery shopping. They can also be stored directly in the fridge which allows to stay organise and make healthier choices! You can find them at most buy in bulk or organic shop. Around 10-15€ for a kit.

Reusable bamboo cutlery kit has saved my life so many times! I keep the kit in my bag and it allows me to stay no to single use forks whenever I’m out and about! I got mine from ToGoWare for 13$

Bamboo straws because not only it looks good, but it does good for the planet! Coconutbowls have very cute ones 9.99$ for 4 (code:amelietahiti for a discount)

Crystals have always a WOW factor. They’re just so pretty. An amethyst and you can’t go wrong. Oh, and they’re not AS expensive as you may think ! Can find ones as little as 5-10€.. and up to.. $$$$!

photo print.jpg

Printing photos for collage, albums, calendar.. because looking at holiday or party memories on paper is seriously priceless. You can find really good deals for under 20€. I know Cheerz print those ‘insta’ pola type, or also MyWallPics. You can also get Gift Certificate if you want the person to chose their photos!


Ok this might not be the sexiest photo but the idea is here: a good old alarm because let’s be honest.. if you’re phone is your morning alarm, the first thing you do is check your emails and social media, am I not right ? I think an actual alarm could be a cool idea to bring back some mindfulness and peace into the morning routine ! Cute ones at 20-30€.


VEGAN FOOD. Especially vegan chocolate or Homemade Treats are always a winner!


Coconut Bowls. Not just because I often work with them, but because they’re super cute and cool and pretty and you automatically want to eat better in it! Starts at 12,95$ for a single bowl (and less with my code amelietahiti) (more options)

yoga strap.jpg

For someone who’s starting out yoga, a strap is one of those great essentials ! It can either help deepen stretches, or work on more challenging postures. Around 10-15€ for a super cute one (like this one from Yoga Design Lab)


For someone who’s starting out yoga, a block is one a great essential as well ! it helps support the person in certain postures, or can also be used to access deeper stretches or strength drills, or serve as a great tripod lol. Around 15-20€ for two blocks.

The good old book selection:

One of my 3 ebooks all about living a more mindful lifestyle & veganism & recipes guides (prices 5€ to 14€) check them out!

A great recipe book (just like her first one!), none of the recipes have disappointed! Around 20€ depending on your bookseller.


Lauren loves making non-vegan recipes vegan ! Those aren’t the healthiest recipes and def not an ‘everyday’ meal kind of thing, but they will absolutely satisfy the greatest meat eater! Around 20€ depending on your bookseller.

Healthy recipes bible book (that I contributed to!) Vegan Bowls for Vegan Souls (code:amelietahiti)


My friend’s Alice Esmeralda recipe book ‘Vegan’ which has super easy, healthy, and yummy recipes! (in french) - 18,95€

YOGA livre.jpg

A book about Yoga (this one is in french), is always a super idea for anyone interested in! :)

vegan friendly gift amelietahiti.jpg
kit nail.jpg

Vegan Cosmetic DIY kits. This one is Nailmatic kit vegan natural nailpolishes - 49€

Plant-based wax candles. I wish those would be in the small budget section but they are always pretty pricey (more than 20€). Plant-based wax like soy & coconut is not only cruelty free but also way less toxic than parafin! This one is Voluspa 49€ they smell so good!

art supply.jpg

Art supply. I think it’s so cool to get this sort of gift because it gets you so creative and you want to start right away! It can get quite expensive but don’t neglect quality !


Hydroflask are simply the best thermos on earth, you will not regret the investment! They keep water cool in the sun for up to 48h! around 30€ (depends on the format)

huiles essentielles.jpg

Essential oils Kit + don’t forget to get a little booklet about it! is a really cool gift for anyone interested in holistic lifestyle. Good, organic essential oils are around 7€ per flask.

Active wear, Yoga Clothes, leggins or bra, or maybe a gift card if you’re unsure what the person wants ! My favorite brands are: alo yoga, lululemon, beyond yoga, free people movement. They’re a budget!


Vegan, organic, natural skincare. They’re expensive, they feel expensive, but they’re just an amazing investment on health (skin is an organ!). My favorite brands are (careful, not all products are vegan): La Canopée , Caudalie , Cîme , Leahlani & my friend Tia Blanco new skincare DearSelf .

holistic lifestyle gift ideas amelietahiti.jpg

Vegan Leather Bag (or shoes) ethically made ! This one is from Wilo Official - 160


Yoga classes pass! Or dance class pass! Or any activity pass! In a favourite studio, with a favorite teacher, or with me ;)


A good yoga mat. Love Lululemon 5mm, Jade Yoga, Baya & Yoga Design lab make cool vegan suede ones too! A great mat costs 80-120€ .

A massage. Because who doesn’t like them? Ayurvedic massages are amazing! Usually around 70-150€, can find specific body parts for under 50€.


A slow juicer is a beautiful gift. It’s not an essential in the kitchen for a healthy lifestyle but once you have one you can’t stop using it! Costs anywhere close to 300€ and more.

A blender is def a healthy lifestyle kitchen essential ! Mine is from KitchenAid and obviously I recommend it, but it’s a little pricey. Good high speed blenders start around 150€.

So those were my reco ! But, remember that the best gift you can give to anyone is love & time.

I wish you all wonderful holidays, enjoy your time with your loved ones & make memories, take time off your phones.

I’ll see you full swing in January for lots more content ;)

Happy holidays !

xo Amélie

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