Get inspired by vegan pro-surfer & yogi Tia Blanco.

As part of the #InspiringSouls interviews serie on my blog, meet the amazing Tia Blanco !! 

Tiarah Blanco is a gorgeous person inside out ! She is a professional surfer, a vegan & a yogi, which, in my opinion, makes her pretty much the definition of #LIFEGOALS. Tia is only 20 years old but wise beyond her years! She's already achieved so much, has inspired me greatly, and has a lot of great tips to share with you today! Now let's make Tia shine ☀️ :

Tia Blanco for TeenVogue shot by  @markomacpherson

Tia Blanco for TeenVogue shot by @markomacpherson


Q: How did you start surfing & what inspires you to go out there, wether the water is tropical warm or freezing cold, wether it’s raining, shining, hailing ?
Tia: My dad got me into surfing at the age of 3 years old! I have always been a water child and it just seemed natural for me to be in the ocean. I am inspired to go surfing everyday because I love surfing and I love nature!

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Q: Have you always known you were going to be a pro surfer? Was it your goal or did it just happen overtime ?
Tia: I started wanting to progress at surfing around the age of 12 years old. At that age, I started to practice more and compete in contest.

Q: Do you ever get scared about the waves, the winds, sharks, or strong current ? and if so, how do you overcome your fear ?
Tia: Yes of course. I am immensely humble to the ocean and my sport. Mother nature is no joke and it is important to know your limits. I try to overcome my fears with positive self-talk and deep breathing.

Q: Do you experience stress during surf competitions? Are you good at handling it?
Tia: Actually I have been feeling stressed this year more than ever and you can see it in my surfing. During these past couple of weeks of off-time, I have been looking into tai chi exercises because they are said to balance your mind, body, and spirit. I am going to try and incorporate Tai Chi into my yoga routines and hopefully it has a positive affect on my surfing.

Q: I follow quite a lot of guy surfers on Instagram and it looks like there is a lot of friendships & guys lifting up each other.. do you think the girls scene is equal ? do you feel there is more competition ? 
Tia: At the end of the day I think if you are happy for people when they succeed, more people will be happy for you when you succeed.

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Q: When did you go vegan & who or what made you go vegan ? Did you switch overnight & is your boyfriend also vegan?
Tia: I went vegan more than 4 years ago! My family inspired me to go vegan, but I took the initiative to research about it on my own. I remember the night I went vegan I watched a lot of videos of the animals in the slaughter houses. I remember calling my boyfriend and balling my eyes out watching the videos. My boyfriend, Colt Ward, wanted to watch the documentaries too, but before he did i remember we went to Ruby’s so he could have his last burger... LOL it is funny to think of that moment because in certain situations I feel like Colt is more grossed out from animal products than I am. He always tells me he could never go back to eating animal products now that he knows about how they effect your body and how the animals are treated.

Tia & Colt such a cute couple !! 

Tia & Colt such a cute couple !! 

Q: How did your friends & family react ?
Tia: Obviously there were haters, but there are always haters! My immediate family was very supportive because they went vegan with me haha! So, really thats all that mattered to me.

Q: Do you ever crave something non-vegan, or feel like you would like to taste a specialty food when you’re in a different country? What makes you not eat it or go back eating animal products ? 
Tia: No, because I can always see something non-vegan and veganize it later! I love animals and the way I feel on this lifestyle.

Tia said waves were bad so she made cupcakes instead !   @tiablanco

Tia said waves were bad so she made cupcakes instead !  @tiablanco

Tia's happy food face ! from her instagram  @tiablanco

Tia's happy food face ! from her instagram @tiablanco

Q: Apart from eating plant-based, what kind of ‘diet’ do you follow, if any ? (raw till 4, raw food, junk food, wholestarch low fat...)
Tia: I do not follow any particular diet. However, I know that eating more whole foods and an abundance of fruits and veggies make me feel the best! I do eat junk food from time to time, but always seem to go back to eating clean and feeling good!

Q: Do you have any particular diet switch when prepping for a surf competition, or photoshoot ? TiaFor competition I find myself eating more food because I am burning so many more calories than usual. I just eat my normal way before photoshoots, but I may add in extra cardio the days before.

Q: What would a typical day on the plate be for you ?
Tia: Oatmeal (with hemp, flax, and chia seeds), green smoothie ( leafy greens, mixed nut butter, vita mineral greens, mango, banana, soy milk, and flax meal), and veggie curry with brown rice ( tofu, potatoes, carrots, onions, peanuts, broccoli, and red bel pepper).

Q: What are your top 3 vegan cafés/restaurant in the world ?
Tia: By Chloe (NY), Veggie Grill (California), and Thai Vegan (Santa Monica).

Q: Are you TeamRice or TeamPotato ? (note: that question is purely for statistic of InspiringSouls 😂) 
Tia: Rice 🍚


Q: Apart from surfing, you also do yoga & workout as well! You’re pretty active! How many hours a day or times a week do you train and what is your favourite training style ?
Tia: I love to run, workout with my trainer, and do yoga. I would say aside from surfing daily, I am working out 4-5 times a week. I usually just listen to my body and do what I feel is best for it!

Here are some workout, surfing & yoga inspo from Tia : 

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Q: What is your favourite yoga pose to practice ?
Tia: I do not have a favorite pose! I love all poses and love they way they flow into one another.

Q: What would you do as a living if you weren’t a pro surfer ?
Tia: I have no idea! Probably something that revolves around the ocean still!

Q: I’ve seen on your instagram & videos that you have such a strong family bound, you seem very close to your sister, has that always been the case ?
Tia: I am close to everyone in my family! Family is very important to me and comes before anything. I just try and make my best effort for my family and make sure I am always there for them.

Tia Blanco's beautiful family, her sister Aja, Mom & Dad ! Photo from Tia's instagram.

Tia Blanco's beautiful family, her sister Aja, Mom & Dad ! Photo from Tia's instagram.

Q: Apart from being gorgeous on the outside.. you are wonderful on the inside & embody kindness ! What tip could you give to someone trying to add a bit more compassion into his/ her life ?
Tia: Thank you!!! Veganism!!! Veganism for me, change my whole outlook on life and made me a more overall compassionate human.

Q: Has body image ever been an issue for you ? Have you ever felt body conscious or felt like you needed to look a certain way for certains things ? How is it going today?
Tia : For sure! Everyone has things they might not love about their body, but I think it is important to love all of your flaws too! The way you think of yourself will definitely reflect on the outside!


Ok, I told you.. How amazing is Tia honestly ? 🙌🏽  

Tia inspires hundreds of thousands of people to live a healthier life through her social media platforms. She is living proof that you don't need animal products in your diet to be an athlete. You can find her on instagram @tiablanco where she shares surfing, yoga & workout videos, lifestyle shots & documents her adventures! She has a dedicated instagram account to her vegan food creations @tiasvegankitchen and an awesome youtube channel where she shares what she eats, her beauty/night routines, days in her life etc! Her content is 100% bullshit-free & 100% uplifting! Be sure to give her a friendly follow everywhere!

Thank you so much beautiful Tia for being part of "Inspiring Souls" ! 

Hope you enjoyed that inspiring moment, take care everyone! 

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