2 instaworthy ways to cut an avocado!

Hey Guys ! Today I want to share with you these 2 beautiful ways to cut an avocado. 
They really can make your dish/toast stand out, and they will definetly score those likes on instagram! yeeeks! All you need is a ripe avo, a sharp knife and a good dose of training! 


avocado cut instagram

I think this one really looks like there is a lot of avocado on toast aka #comfortfood, well in fact there is! That's half an avocado there! haha
Here's the step by step : 
1. Cut avocado in half, gently twists both parts to put them apart. 
2. Select the half that has the most flesh, you want abondance remember.
3. Scoop out the flesh with a spoon, being really careful to stay in contact with skin, AT ALL TIME. 
4. Now, do some pretty thin (not too thin) slices
5. Gently work them appart from each other (try to let the yellow appear), don't overwork the avocado! 


So, this one is def insta famous ! As it's quite hard to explain in words, I've put that up in a tutorial video for you 

Now you know everything to become the next avocado pro! 
Post your pictures and tag me in, I'll feature the bests in my instastory :) @amelietahiti

Thanks for reading!