How I trained for Paris Marathon 2019 (diet, workout, recovery, everything).

This year 2019, I challenged myself to run a marathon. If you’re a true follower of amelietahiti, there’s no way you just found out about that, I’ve been annoying you with it for so long hahaha (hum, if you have.. like..where have you been?!)

But, if you just found my blog via a google search because you also want to run a marathon and are a yogi, yoga teacher or a beginner to running and don’t know where to start, then welcome - you’re at the right place!

Instead of writing down all the information about training, nutrition, workouts, recovery, what I ate etc etc. I’ve made a long, explanatory youtube video about it ! Just linked below.

Then the actually journey video just below,

I hope you like it and if you have more questions after, please ask in the comments below I will be super happy to help ! xo