3 ways to make blue food naturally.

Hi to all!
Today’s a day to stay all cosy up at home (aka rainy gloomy).. so, I thought it’d be finally time for me to write this blogpost #procrastination !! 
This year’s 2017 food trend is definitely everything rainbow. Mermaid bowls, unicorn icecream, galaxy donuts… all pastel fairy colours .. that we see a bit everywhere on social media, and I too diged into it :D
Today, let’s focus on the BLUE color !! So, if you want to know how to make a beautiful mermaid smoothie bowl, just keep reading you’ve come to the right place !


To get a blue colour for your food preparations, you have basically 2 ways : 

1. Using an artificial blue food dye … which is a NO-GO for me.
That kind of artificial thing.. we don’t really know what’s inside !! This artificial blue is usually “bright blue” (E133 in European standards), and often the dye comes with preservatives such as E202 + ALUMINIUM !!! Yes guys.. are they trying to kill us ?? I don’t know. I’m defintelty not a fan of that option, not to mention some of the products aren’t vegan! 

2. Using a blue…. natural food dye !  (wow crazy, wasn’t waiting for that one!haha)
So.. from what I know, there isn’t any food in its whole form (veg or fruit) that are capable of giving a super strong vibrant blue color… but, we can extract some food (usually into powders), and these are very pigmented! First of, it’ll be better for your health than artificial chemical stuff, and secondly, you might get some interesting nutrients in too ! 

Here are the natural blue food dyes I know :  

spirulina blue color

- Spirulina. I think you guys know it ! It’s an algue that has superpowers ! haha it is rich in protein, iron, beta carotene.. it is a good supplement that I use from time to time but definetly not something mandatory in my opinion ! Anyways, let’s get back to the topic … spirulina is… green ! To get a blue color, you want to use just a small amount, cause a little bit too much and your prep will turn green (like ¼ a teaspoon, so yea… this is definetly for color and not health benefits haha). I think the Blue Majik Spirulina has more blue hues, but I haven’t tried it. *NB. The spirulina I use since ever is the one from Hawaii. It is certified organic, doesn’t contain any pesticides, herbicides (it is cultivated in very deep water so it’s rich in micro minerals). Lots of spirulina are actually from shallow waters were there are a lot of toxic compounds, and especially when cultivated close to the shores where nuclear & chemicals elements are… this is not something I’d want in my body!

red cabbage blue color

- Red cabbage + baking soda. So, I haven’t tried this one, but I heard about it and I actually have found this video tutorial for you guys! 

blue matcha review

- Clitoris Flower or Butterfly Pea. I had never heard of this one before I discovered MatchaBlue who sent me one of their products! By the way, this post is not sponsored at all.. I just had received a product from them a long time ago .. and I thought maybe some people would want to find a review on it (I always look for reviews online before purchasing!!).. so.. here’s my opinion 

- Blue Matcha  

matcha blue review

In this little wooden tube there is blue powder inside ! (watchout for those of you who are a bit clumsy like me.. there isn’t any protection so make sure you don’t open it upside down or with too much energy !! haha)
At first sight, it might look like there isn’t much product in the container but you will actually get quite a lot of uses out of it because you only need a tiny bit of product anyways!  

What’s the difference with normal matcha ?
 Regular matcha is a Japanese preparation consisting of grounding tea leaves (Camelia Sinensir) into thin powder + a specific drying process … then, don’t ask me more hahaha.. I know not all green tea leaves can be called ‘matcha’ but that’s pretty much all I know. In MatchaBlue, the “leaf” used is a flower, Clitoria Ternatea, Clitoria Flower (also called Butterfly Pea). It is used in traditional south-east asian cuisine, and as a medicinal plant. Matcha Blue does not contain caffeine unlike green matcha. The reason it's called matcha is become they use the same specific process to cultivate and dry the blue tea. The taste is similar, although a little bit more earthy/floral. 
What are the benefits? Some benefits in which it is used for in ayurvedic medicine are : antistress, antidepressor, increasing fertility, aphrodisiac, good for skin (collagen+), hair, eyes.. its content of cliotide is currently being tested as an anti-cancer agent. It contains antioxidants like proanthocyanidin and anthocyanin which stops the harmful effects of free radicals. If you want to know more about benefits, check out this link 
So, is the color really blue ?
Well.. i've been able to create those below! And when it’s used with an acidic food (vinegar, lemon, tomatoes..) color turns from blue to bright pink! You can also have some purple hues if you just add a tiny bit of lemon! 

rainbow bowl : soba noodles with bluematcha, eggplant dips, teriyaki (recipe in ebook), greens, tofu, hummus, edamama. 

rainbow bowl : soba noodles with bluematcha, eggplant dips, teriyaki (recipe in ebook), greens, tofu, hummus, edamama. 

Blue SmoothieBowl

Blue SmoothieBowl

Blue and green Breaky jar : blue chia pudding & matcha banana icecream

Blue and green Breaky jar : blue chia pudding & matcha banana icecream

Here’s how I use it in my food prep:  
Smoothies & smoothies bowl: add a teaspoon in the blender !    
Pasta & rice : add a teaspoon in cooking water !   
Chia pudding : add ½ teaspoon in plant-based milk, then proceed to usual chia pudding recipe (btw, there’s an awesome one in my ebook #selfpromotion hihhihi  
As a drink, like lattés : I like to use it like a regular matcha latté. 1 tablespoon in hot water or soy milk.. then I use my French coffee press to avoid any lumps     
And, that’s it for what I’ve tried so far ! haha I haven’t tried to add it to cakes for example but I guess the color would fade a little when cooked.. oooh that makes me think I should do an epic raw cake with it !! 
Is BlueMatcha something I’d recommend  ? Yes, it’s a very healthy and clean product. It’s natural, organic, no additves or preservative. The company is german and the people I’ve been talking with are super friendly too, which is def something I value when I buy products ! For the taste, it is very subtle .. I think the most interesting part of the product is its beautiful color and that you get healthy nutrients from it too !  If you would like to try, they kindly gave me a 15% off coupon code for you to use : type in “amelietahiti” at check out! Here’s there website and they ship worldwide! 


And that’s it ! Now you know all about the #mermaidbowl and you’re ready to make one! For me, these are essentially aesthetic and I insist I personally love eating a variety of fresh fruits and veggies that are naturally rainbow !! But sometimes, for some fun and to change it up, this is awesome :p! Also, I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure I could eat something blue if it wasn’t me that prepped the food .. looks so unreal and like I’ve said previously… we never know what it’s made of !! hehe

What about you ? do you like the blue food and rainbow food trend ? Have you tried ? Do you know other methods ? Tell me everything in the comments below !!! 
Lots of love !!