My 3 days juice cleanse (what happened) - HealthExperiment #1

Alohaaaa! Hope you are all doing well, and let me first wish you a very happy new year, full of health, success, adventures & love!!

Last week (shall i say, last year haha ;)), I decided to do a ‘juice cleanse’, aka juice fast, or drinking juice only during 3 days. I told you about it on instagram and a lot of you were really curious about my motivations, the whys and the results… and that’s exactly why I’m writing this blog post today! 

I thought doing this experiment just after Christmas and before New Year would be best as I took those days off some work (no yoga teaching) + no social life (needed to ground and recenter with myself). 

Atelier Nu Bio - Cure Jus - Juice Cleanse experiment

So I’m going to keep this blog post somewhat structured, so that you can find what you’re looking for easily. I’m gonna start with a short intro with the motivations & expectations I had. During the 3 days I held a diary in which I wrote how I felt, what were my thoughts, what I did.. so I’ll copy/paste it for you to have a read and immerse into the experience (I won’t edit anything, so excuse if some things don’t make a lot of sense). And finally I’ll tell you my thoughts, physical & mental results etc ! sounds good ? Click on below buttons to go directly to the section you’re interested in (although I’d recommend reading the full blog post to understand the full experience!)

The Motivation

I guess I’ll start explaining why I did a cleanse! if you follow or know me, you know that I’m really not a big fan of anything ‘detox’ or ‘quick fix’. This actually hasn’t and will never change: I believe a huge part of health comes from building a consistent healthy balanced plant-based eating and exercise routine. I believe in & follow a ‘diet’ (=way of eating) that doesn’t ban any food groups or any type of food (except animal product of course!), but I’m conscious about what I eat and I know when to indulge and when it’s extra. For me, this cleanse is NOT and wasn’t about getting healthy, losing weight, or quick fixing the extra calories I ate and deserved at Christmas; because I knew I was already eating healthily. So why do a detox you ask me ?! Here are couple of reasons:

  1. For the last 3-4 last months I have been eating ‘weirdly’. I know my body well and I know that I love and function best when I have 3 meals a day that are packed and keep me full & energised for hours. I rarely snack & when I do it’s either that my meals weren’t full enough, or that I did extra activity. But snacking doesn’t work well with my digestion and overall state (I often feel more tired). Lately I’ve been eating weirdly in the sense that, I eat at pretty random hours (depending on my schedule of being out & about..), and most of the time not enough (ex. when I get home for lunch around 3pm, I tend to think I’ll have a small snack but then I get hungry and have around 3 other snacks and it doesn’t work well!). I’ve been eating lots of ‘easy’, ‘fast’ food that DO NOT nourish me properly (like crackers & hummus; lattés, granola, dates.. as meals!). I also find myself snacking when I’m working at the computer, out of pure habit. I wanted to see if this experience could help me get my normal hunger level back & solve this snacking issue.  

  2. I was very curious about what not eating anything solid during 3 days would do to the mind & body (I decided one day would not be enough to judge!). By the way, I’m planning to test things out on my body this year, if you have any health/science experience you’d like me to try, please tell me in the comments of this blog post! 

  3. As a healthy lifestyle blogger, it kinda was time for me to try it out & I wanted to share my experience with you. I’ve never had a very positive opinion about juicing, fasting and anything revolving around decreasing calories; but I wanted to be able to tell you my thoughts via my own experience, and not another study read on the internet. 

  4. As a person passionate about health, I have been asked by friends what were my thoughts about juicing and to be honest, I could never really give them a clear answer. 

Once I knew I wanted to try this out, I needed to find how to do it. Living in Paris, we’re lucky to have around 4-5 (if not more?) juice companies offering cures/detox programs. I thought about doing the cleanse by myself, because I have a slow juicer, but honestly, I had no idea how much to drink, how much veggies/fruits to buy, and also, not enough space & time to store all the veggies and juice ! By convenience, and because I wanted to make sure to do something healthy, I decided to do it with Atelier Nubio. I had already tried their juices and loved how balanced they were! When I researched a little more for the clease, they were the one catching my attention because they’re working with a PHd nutritionist to elaborate the juice programs (making sure nutrients needs are covered), they’re using local fruits & veggies (except ginger & maca all is grown in France), they’re juicing in Paris & delivering juices right after they are made (in the early morning!). I met Marion manager of Atelier Nubio Concept Store in the 11th Arrondissement of Paris before starting the cure, she answered my questions and also introduced me to the boutique which is full of stunning little healthy lifestyle finds (cosmetic, zero waste, crystals..) which are 99% vegan friendly too! I got a couple of christmas gifts on my visit there! Well worth a visit if you’re around (they’re also just next to jay & joy, vegan cheeserie!).

Atelier NuBio cure jus avis.JPG
Cure jus atelierNubio avis.JPG

The Starting Point

Mood: Post Christmas, the cure started on the 27th December as I decided to shut down from the world to myself for the last days of 2018.. so seriously, I was pumped and excited to try!

Health: No sickness around, although temperature outside had dramatically dropped on the 26th! No injuries, just a little soreness from the rock climbing I did on the 25th. 

Hunger : Not going to lie, it’s not the time of year where I felt the most hungry because generally speaking, leading to chris I indulge in a lot of lattés, hot chocolates, desserts, and xmas dinner isn’t the lightest meal of the year! But that being said, I did not stuff myself to feel sick. I had a nice chrismas dinner with apéro, alcohol, meal and dessert (check this Blog Post to see what I ate!), which kept me full the next day (I indulged in another slice of dessert for mid morning snack and ate light dinner). Oil and sugar went into the preparation of those meals which I’m usually sticking away from. 

Skin : My skin is looking ok ! Unfortunately I’m at that time of the month so I know the juice cleanse is not going to help because my acne pimples are located around the chin which is purely hormonal (they come and go with my cycle), also, bloating involved with my period so.. yea.. 

Weight : I suppose some of you are interested in the weight factor, did I lose weight ? well, very possibly I lost a bit of water weight, but I have strictly NO idea as I don’t own a scale, and again, this wasn’t my purpose. 

The Main Rules

  • Drink 5 juices of 500ml a day

  • Drink lots of water & infusion, avoid tea and coffee completely.

  • No solid food, unless in complete starvation, snack on fresh fruits/veggies and a few almonds

  • Def no processed food, no refined sugars and oils

  • A little daily activity to help sweat out the toxins

The Experiment : 3 days juice cleanse diary

Thursday 27th December

Wake up at 7h40 my juice cure is delivered at 8 and I take a few moment to clean my apartment, clean dishes and dry them because 3 days juice cure means no dishes and no mess in the kitchen during 3 days! which is amazing! 

9am. I’ve taken a few photos of juices and drank water, and now just started with the shot and the first breakfast juice (carrot one). Tastes really good and it’s perfect for my hunger level as I ate quite a big dinner last night. I’ve read on the booklet that I’m allowed to have couple of raw nuts and fruits and veggies in case I’m really hungry but I really want to try my best not to eat anything solid. I want to know how it feels and how my body reacts to eating liquid, nutrient dense, for 3 days. I want to give this experience 100%. Also, I read each day reaches around 1100 kcalories which is pretty low considering I usually eat around 2000 !

11am. Time for juice number 2, which is a fennel and pineapple one. It tastes pretty sweet and super well balanced with the mint. I like the fact that juices are 500ml and not tiny little bottles. I’m working on the computer and feeling pretty focused. I gotta go to the other side of the city soon to get a parcel so I’m wondering when I’ll have ‘lunch’. Probably around 2. 

Noon. Feeling slightly hungry but very manageable.

1pm. Going out to get the parcel. Damn it’s SO COLD outside my brain almost freezes. As I’m walking I’m wondering if I’d be allowed to make myself a chai latté. Like I seriously need something warm. I had an infusion this morning but it was my last of the box and then I only have teas (which I know is not the best because it may interfere with mineral absorption). I’m glad I’m out of coffee because I would have sinned. I seriously need to warm up and the thought of having a juice for lunch kinda freaks me out. but again, it’s only 3 days Amélie you can do it. 

3pm. well, I took this much time but I’m finally home cozy in my sweat pants and ready for lunch. It’s a green juice! Tastes good! Too bad I forgot I had put my fridge on full cold mode (to set the xmas eve raw cake lol), so my juices are super cold it freezes my brain even more. I’m gonna work now on the computer a little more but I actually feel like I have energy, even enough to workout later today ! However, just the thought of drinking dinner frustrates me a little.. but well. 

4pm. warming up with some black tea, i figured it’s less worse than green tea in terms of absorption. still not ideal, i need to get some tomorrow at the shops. 

5:23 I was guessing I’d have my 4th juice around 5 but in the end I just wasn’t that hungry and was working on the computer so I didn’t feel the need to. I’m getting pretty cold now, I don’t know what’s up with my heater but it doesn’t work well. well, it’s so cold outside and my windows are single and it’s dark now so this explains that. Anyways, I need to warm up so I’m going to workout/yoga a little for 30 minutes. I don’t feel tired, I’m slightly hungry, actually, not hungry, my belly is making those noises but I don’t feel super hungry. I’m just cold. let’s workout!

6pm - woohoo killer workout! and now I’m going to drink lots of water and then enjoy the newt juice which is called Antioxidant with carrots, beets, pear, pepper, lemon and hemp seeds, sounds interesting! - 6:05pm update: yes it’s delicious! Probably my favourite so far! 

8: had my dinner. It was really hard thinking I would just have liquid for dinner because I enjoy this time to sit on the couch, relax, watch some videos or listening to music with candles. But well, it’s ok, the juice was an almond milk with dates so it tastes like dessert which helped :). I still lit my candle to make me feel cosy but it only lasted 10 minutes so, I just hope I won’t get to hungry later. I might actually go to bed early-ish tonight! Now I’m off to a bath and finish some work and then in bed ! 

Friday 28th December 


8:30. I woke up 30min ago, it feels good to allow myself to sleepin a bit, I actually am taking those last days of the year completely to myself. even though i stay in paris, I’m not going out catching up with friends, business meeting, teaching yoga, nope. I’m committed to stay home and that way I get work done even more (and the fact I don’t have to cook or grocery shopping during 3 days is pretty cool too!). Anyways, last night I started feeling hungry just a bit at 10:30 but it was really light and didn’t prevent me to fall asleep. This morning I woke up as per usual, not super hungry so I took some time to drink water, meditate and prepare some tea. I also had my morning shot which is good for the liver. I’m gonna chill a little more till 9, probably watching the end of an episode of Hawaii 5-0 lol. And get breakfast, which will be a new juice so I’m excited! So far so good!

11 almost, and I start feeling a little hungry so I’m going to drink my second juice.I’m having a slight headache I don’t know if it’s related to the cure or because I’ve been working on the screen. Going to take a little break! . ok i drank the juice which was really tasty, same as yesterdays morning snack, however I’m feeling really cold. I’ve got a sweater and a jacket on me and i’m still cold so i made myself a hot water with chaga. 

1pm. I feel really light and although i’m not starving I’m defiantly hungry and going to have my lunch juice. It’s called protein and contains 10g protein. I am feeling a little frustrated not to eat anything, especially because I’m currently working on recipes and food photos.. it’s so hard! My tummy starts talking to me, making lots of sounds I feel like somethings going on in the digestive track!!

Chai Latté.JPG

2:30. My headache is getting worse, I decided to make myself a ‘light’ chai latté. I know this isn’t on the recommendations but honestly I’m craving something warm other than ‘hot water’. I cut the soy milk with water on half half ration, and just used spices, no added sugar. I still want to experience the effect of the cure on my skin so I’m clearing myself from refined sugars (and oils obviously!). I already feel much better after this drink. I’m starting to think how I’m going to do it one more day, having 2 juices remaining to finish this day at 3pm.. but let’s get the day going! 

6:30. My headache is gone now and i’m in full work mode on the blog. I had my 4th juice around an hour ago and now I’m sipping on some maté tea. Again, I know it’s not the best because it’s a stimulant but I just love this tea. Before the juice I got 45 minutes of exercise in, which consisted mostly on strength moves. I barely do cardio anymore, I really need to get back to it! I had no dizziness or tiredness issues if anything I feel good! Still not feeling like i’m starving so that’s great! I will wait around 8 to have ‘dinner’, i’m excited to try the juice which is a milky rose juice! OK OK. It’s 7pm and i’m excited. I got a DM from Gemma my yoga teacher and friend who’s working with Atelier Nubio & she told me I can heat up the lattes !! I think obviously it would lose some nutrient properties but god it’s gonna feel so good to drink that! I just asked the Nubio team and they approved and also said I can make myself a miso soup . But I do not have any miso so I’ll stick to the juices tonight!! 

A quick log off before I go sleep (11:30pm already!). I had my warm latté that i reheat on very low heat and it was so great! I only regret the salt added to the ingredients, because it tasted good cold, but warm it was a bit to salty ! But I feel like it’s filled me more warm than cold! Anyways, I’m starting feeling a bit hungry now so I’m going to sleep before I think about food too much! Honeslty, i’m pretty happy and proud of how I’m going, I thought it’d be much harder to resist to solid food but it’s ok! But I’m already looking forward to what I’m going to eat on sunday morning ! One more day to go!!

Saturday 29th December 

It’s funny how I’m waking up not feeling hungry, yet i’m going to bed hungry! I drank water, hibiscus tea and my shot and got a few things done before drinking my first juice around 9h30. I feel like today is going to be the easiest day. I usually drink the juice super fast but this one lasted long. I’m going to work now, post couple of blog post and edit some photos! Feeling good!

It’s almost noon and I feel like I want to try to do some cardio today to see how my body reacts to it! I’ll plan a little circuit, additionally to some yoga and then I want to do fun photos for insta with the juice.. gotta get creative! I keep thinking about tomorrow’s breakfast, that said, I think i need to get out of the house today to get some fresh fruits & veggies so I’m all good for tomorrow. I still have a few leftovers from xmas (like hummus, vegan sour cream) that I will probably add to big salads or soups! Monday for NYE I have a party and I really feel like taking it easy on food & drinks, woot woot it’s going well! 


It’s 4h30, and i JUST had lunch! I think i drank the second juice around 11 so that’s a 5hours time lapse in between!! It’s crazy but I just wasn’t hungry, even though I had roughly planned in my head that I want to have my meals 9-11-2-5-7, I really listened to my body. So, I worked, and I did workout, I had a 30 minute cardio circuit and then a 30 minute yoga/strength workout. Gosh it’s been long I haven’t done any cardio, it was hard and felt slighlty dizzy halfway thru! But I felt strong (despite being slightly sore from rock climbing), and I felt light which was a plus! Then I just worked a little more and took some photos and didn’t really see time pass by! I’m seriously debating if I will drink my 4th juice or skip it and keep if for tomorrow. I still have to go grocery shopping later today, but for now I’m going to translate a few blog posts and then I can put that live! So far I haven’t noticed any real changes on my skin, nails, hair or even stomach.. which is odd because you’d think without eating for 3 days it’d be completely flat. well it is, but not more than some days. I’m not sure I should tell yo this cause maybe TMI, but well, let’s be transparent, I haven’t been to the toilets (obviously I’ve wee d lol) since I started, I’m not sure it’s completely normal. At the same time I haven’t eaten anything solid so makes sense, but also what happened to the food I ate before the start ? LOL 


Update. It is just 7 and I start being hungry, I’m going to heat the latté like I did last night ! I will probably get back on here tomorrow morning to tell you final thoughts.

Golden Milk.JPG

Sunday 30th december
Mamamiaaa today I eat again! I’ve missed eating food although, call me crazy but I could have gone for 1 or 2 more days eventually. The third day was very easy and I eventually only drank 4 juices. However, i don’t know if related, but it’s the first night I woke up during my sleep. I thought it was early, like 6:30 or 7 and I had my alarm at 8 so I thought ok time to get up, but when I looked at the clock it was 3:17 oops… I was clearly hungry, I was slightly dizzy/light headed (just when you’re running and you feel like you’re low on sugar) but manageable, I don’t know how I fell back asleep but I did.. and woke up at 8 ! Now I’m patiently waiting for the day & light to clear so I can take a photo of my breakfast!


Results & Thoughts

I gave myself a few days of reflection & observation to see the changes before writing this blog post (we’re 2nd January as I write this, I finished on the 29th). 

Noticing changes: 

  1. The first changed I noticed is that I could spend a whole day working at my computer without snacking. And let me tell you that was a WIN, considering the fact that it was pretty much one of the reasons why I wanted to do this program. I made conscious eating choices & ate way more fruits and greens than I was before (like I used to a couple of months back, but somehow broke that habit!), and I took time to cook. Well, I need to consider the fact that : 1. I’m still on a half/half holiday, not fully back to routine yoga teaching and practicing and seeing all my friends.. and 2. New year happened and maybe that’s part of my resolutions. But anyways, results are here. I broke my snacking habit & just for that matter I say bravo lol!

  2. My skin hasn’t really change, has it ? But as I mentioned earlier, I eat pretty healthily all the time and I was in that time of month. Surely for someone who eats lots of processed food, I believe this cure would help lots!

Juice cleanse Before:after 2.jpg

3. This is something I haven’t mentioned earlier, my teeth felt incredibly weird during the whole cleanse, like something was covering them up, no matter how much I brushed them, there was some sort of residue (which went away the next day!). Very strange, I suppose alkaline diet can cause those residue, as it does on my blender!

4. Weight, although I can’t measure it, I don’t think I have lost weight, got flatter or slimmer. I don’t really care about it but as part of this whole experience both mental and physical I still took photos of before and after. But, in fact, I had quite a bit of digestive issues I believe during the cure because I did not go once to the toilets (for that matter..), which I usually go regularly ! After the 3 days juicing, eating solid again did not seem to bother my stomach at all, but my visits to the toilets haven’t really returned to normal yet. As I write this, I feel & look pretty bloated, wether that’s food I ate, time of the month, or my body bouncing back (from consuming so little calories?), I don’t know but I thought I would mention this here. 

Juice cleanse before after body.jpg

5. A new appreciation for common food. Guys. Eating oatmeal the morning after my last juice has been THE BEST oatmeal of my life. It tasted so incredibly good (well, it was just a bloody random oatmeal), I spent 20 minutes eating my little bowl and that feeling was incredible. i didn’t expected my tastes buds to change in 3 days! 

6. Health: I felt full of vitality ! Obviously from all the veggies & fruits, who would not ? It’s funny because I had this NYE party planned on the 31st at my friend’s place and - although there wasn’t anything unhealthy because she’s a badass girl - I really didn’t want to eat anything too greasy, salty, oily, sweet.. In fact, I even said no to din out on the 30th to my friends Natalie because I just felt like following the health path! 

So, your main question now is probably: 

Would you recommend it for anyone ?

Yes… and no. 

Pros (yes)

  • Can definitely help you get your hunger level back, and into a healthy eating pattern. 

  • Will make you have a whole new appreciation and gratitude for the food you’re able to eat.

  • The cure I followed is elaborated with a nutritionist who takes into account all individual ingredients properties to make sure it’s a well rounded program (without lacking nutrients). For that matter, I would highly recommend to either get your cure with the same company as I did, or one that’s doing things correctly (also, not by yourself).

  • Can help clear out skin, although I haven’t experienced it because my skin was already pretty good. 

  • Can help to detox the body from heavily processed, or oily, or sweet meals over holidays (facilitates the work of liver)

  • You want to overall feel lighter and more performant

  • A serious gain of time and peace of mind because you don’t have to think about cooking, what you’re going to eat and grocery shopping during 3 days. and you’re kitchen stays clean, and no dishes. Seriously. loved that. 

  • Can help you discover new tastes via juices (often times juices are an awesome way to introduce a new taste or something you don’t really like. For example, years ago I drank juices containing beetroot (although I hated it!) and little by little was able to appreciate this vegetable, and now I can eat it raw in a salad!

  • Atelier Nubio has been super available and adorable to answer all my questions and sended me encouragement & guidance emails throughout and after the program. I felt really supported. Here’s the link to their website:


  • I wouldn’t recommend a juice cleanse for someone dealing with eating disorders. I do not have any but I do think it could trigger a little bit of frustration or on the opposite, cause an addiction to juicing (which isn’t good to sustain). 

  • Although I was able to workout and do yoga (and I tried various workouts to see), I could feel halfway through my cardio that i was getting a little dizzy. So do not do this kind of program during or prior to a major sports event/workout. 

  • It’s pricey. The program I did is called ‘New Start’ and costs 189€ for 3 days. That’s 63€ per day, which is 21€ per meal if you consider a normal 3 meals/day. That is not cheap. At the same time, the price is justified considering the amount of fruits & vegetable included in each bottle (around 1kg / 500ml), so that’s around 15kg of organic & local grown fruits & veggies, for the whole program, all juiced & delivered to you. You could save by doing it by yourself, but it would take you a lot more time and effort too, and could not be very balanced..

  • It’s a little sad to just drink for 3 days, really. I missed chewing and eating real food. 

  • It’s tough, or you have to be tough. When it was freezing cold and all I had was a juice for lunch and dinner, I warn you, you must have discipline and dedication.

Would I do it again? 

In short, yes! If I feel like breaking ‘bad’ eating patterns (aka, eating too little, not balanced enough and over snacking). 


Well. That was a long one! I hope this blog post has given you all the answers you wanted!

I really want to hear if it was helpful & would love to know your thoughts & experience too! 

And let’s not forget, this is the first health experiment of the year. I want to make more, like, trying a type of diet, a workout routine/program, something new that would test my body and that I could give you my insight on (maybe something you’re afraid of trying, I’ll be your tester!). So please, let me know what you want me to try out next, and I’ll start a little series on this blog!

Thanks so much for reading me,

Oh, one more thing, I have a little new year sale on TheShop with 19% off, until next week.. just to get you into the health kick !! Use ‘start2019’ at checkout!! 

Lots of love,


please note all health commentaries are from my own experience and research, they don’t substitute any professional advice - if the reader wants to try a cleanse after reading this article, its at its own risk.