My exercise philosophy

Exercice is a huge part of my lifestyle and I definitely ascribe so many of its benefits to my current overall health and life! When I say exercise, i actually mean «moving my body», as you will soon understand, I do not work well with routines and repetitive stuff! 

my exercice routine - yoga inspiration paris -

Firstly, if you have a little bit of time and wanna read some entertaining stories, i'd advice you first read the blog post 'my fitness journey', as it will give you a little background of the why and how I came to the place I am today. But if you don't have more time, I guess it's important to keep in mind that I've always been an active kid doing countless activities, and have been 'training' as in 'properly working out' pretty consistently (in betweens breaks and injuries..) since 2013!

I obviously inevitably have to talk about "body image & aesthetics" in this blog post. Saying I don’t exercise to look good would be a total lie. After all, that was the first thing that kicked me back into exercise and I am not ashamed to say that I totally love myself more when I look toned and fit. Why? because it boosts my self-confidence. And don’t tell me you’re not the same! Look good, feel good; and eventually this will turn into: feel good, look good!
However, I’m totally fine with fluctuation and loving my body the place it’s at (it's been an long journey to that state of mind!). I’m totally ok to not «properly workout» for a month as I am busy doing other active things (like when I've done my Yoga Teacher Training, I did not workout more than 4 times during 6 months because of all the yoga I was doing!and I'm totally ok to lose some toning & take on some weight during winter because I like to indulge in hot chocolates and matcha lattés, and that's also what life is about! nor am i scared saying if I over-indulge, I'll 'sweat it off' with a good workout! Balance. I’ve understood that if I want this to be part of a sustainable lifestyle, I can’t be too strict. Sure i’ve been way fitter than I am today, but I’ve also been super weak and injured for pushing too hard and not listening to my body. It’s all about embracing the journey and being proud of what I accomplish daily and being grateful for what my body can do today. 

The one big reason that prevents me from having a strict routine is that I love so many different workout styles; and physical activities like yoga, dancing, hiking cycling and adventuring, swimming in the ocean, acroyoga, surfin & snowboarding are some of my favorite things in life! Repetitive stuff gets me bored quickly and I just don't have time to do everything at the same time, so I have my phases!

Concretely, I am aiming to move my body 45minutes daily & getting a sweat most days with any type of physical activities, to feel good and get the lymphatic system working! Aaaah those goods endorphins!! I try to alternate the things I do and work on my weaknesses, and will most definitely end up doing some cardio + resistance training sometime during my week. 

Eka pada koundinyasana - Yoga -
scorpion pinchamayurasana -

In short, my Exercise Philosophy is combining mind & body by listening to what my body tells me & move it so it doesn't break! I made movement a habit and priority in my life (would pick it over any late night party). Some would say that’s selfish but I don’t see anything more selfless than taking care of your health so that you can be happier and kinder to others! Having a functional healthy body is something we sometimes take for granted before its ‘too late’, or we get injured..But it’s never too late to start! My focus is being consistent, staying strong, agile and functional for everyday life! Taking stairs instead of elevators, commuting biking or walking is a bonus! I love to find innovative and new ways of pushing myself outside my limits because that’s where growth happens. It gives me a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction that I’ll carry throughout the day. 

I just wanna finish off by saying, there is no right or wrong way to exercise : YOU pick something YOU like and that keeps YOU coming back for more! If you aren’t having fun exercising, then what’s the point? It is said habits take 21 days to build, so when you feel like giving up that’s when you have to push harder - and if you need a little help for that I’ll be here to inspire & support ya! come workout with me on my youtube channel, learn more about exercise science in my ebook TheMindfuLife or leave a little message in the comment section below! I’d love to hear from you all and read YOUR take on exercise!