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So... I've been trying, for a few months now, to care about where my clothes and accessories come from. Beside the fact that I don't buy leather anymore, I try my best to not support sweatshops. It's actually quite hard to know if a specific brand uses sweatshops.. but as a general answer for all 'commun brands', its a yes. H&M, Zara, Urban Outfiters, Forever 21, Aldo, GAP, Primark, Adidas, Nike, Victoria's Secret, Uniqlo.... and the list goes on. It doesn't mean that 100% of their workshops are sweatshops.. but some are. 
BUT, I'm NOT perfect, and even if I try my best to reduce what I buy from these brand, I do still shop from them... I do think, however, that the more the message will get out there, the more brands will have pressure to close these sweatshops.

On a positive note, we currently see more and more brands labeled as 'sweatshop free' which is an awesome news! And by scrolling thru Instagram, I found one of them : RiceLoveBag ! 

@EarthyAndy and her family loves them too! 

@EarthyAndy and her family loves them too! 

GREAT DEAL : Buy A Bag, Feed a Family ! 
That's a great gesture that will make you, and other families in need, happy! 
It might be hard to realise, but hunger is still a big thing in 2016. In India, 40% of the population lives below the poverty line of 1.25$/day. That's far from our little comfort, and unfortunately, that creates diseases, and needless deaths.

RiceLoveBags are made in India, where work conditions are enhanced. Each backpack model is unique. They are made out of real rice bags. When you buy one of their bags, you will give 1kg of rice to a family. Now, of course they won't give a kilo at a time. When 20bags are made, a bag of 20kg is given to a family. That's worth about a month of food for them, which is huge! 
When you'll receive your bag, you will see the tag with the number of the family you've fed! You can go on the RiceLove website and check them out, their story, and their picture! isn't that awesome! 

I am so happy that I've teamed up with this brand! I love their bags, they are super stylished and handy! I would just suggest not to stuff the backpack too much, as the fabric can be pretty fragile, and you don't wan't to crack the seams! All of their bags are lined. 

The best part of this blog post is that you can get 20% OFF by using my coupon 'AMELIE' ! :) Isn't that great ? :) 

Here : RiceLoveBags

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I hope this makes you happy, 
PS : Go fast, backpacks are very popular and go out of stock pretty quickly :p 

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