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Hey !! I hope everyone has had some awesome summer holidays if you live in the Northern Hemisphere, or just some relaxing days in between work. And if you live down under, keep going, summer's coming at you soon!
Where you live on this planet doesn't really matter for this recipe, as it is timeless and year-round friendly! I'm here to provide you with a healthy treat for BackToWhatever season, cause you deserve it! You just gotta have that chocolate craving (is that really hard?) and some ripe avocados (shoot, didn't wanna spill on that now.. too late!). 

Healthy Vegan Chocolate Mousse -

I got some great news for you before I keep going with the recipe, as you might have noticed, the blog has been completely revamped during summer, and there’s heaps of new content, freebies, info, blog post for you to explore & read and I really hope you like it! :)

This blog post is in collaboration with KitchenAid France, who's sent me, a couple of months ago, their SuperBlender (pro blender) for me to try out! I waited this long to post about it because you know I'm all about authenticity and I needed to put it to work first and see how well it would handle my obsession of blending a thousand different ingredients per month. Spoiler alert: it did well! I'll let you know one of my favorite program on the blender a little later, but first : let's talk about that mousse.  

Healthy Vegan Chocolate Mousse -
Healthy Vegan Chocolate Mousse -

For the longest time I wanted to try and make vegan chocolate mousse. I actually did a few times, I tried with avocados, cashews, coconut milk all separately, I even used aquafaba once, which was an epic fail, but you can have a laugh about it here (no comment on my akwardness & hair in that video!). Anyways, none of my trials were really conclusive or deserving to be shared to the world, aka to you guys! So i put the idea aside for a while.
During the holidays, I had time to brainstorm on the new recipes I wanted to attempt this new year, and I thought about chocolate mousse again. I also wanted to make sure to incorporate a seasonal ingredient, so coming back from Martinique & tropical fruit, I took a little stroll at the at the markets : turns out we are right in the middle of Mirabelle's season! So, that's how I've decided to combine the mousse with mirabelle compote - my mom approved the idea by text message (we like to text about food).

Mirabelles photography -

Pause a little second. Do you guys know what Mirabelles are ? i'm actually super curious because I remember once sharing a recipe on my youtube channel and had tons of comments about that fruit they've never heard of ! I guess they're a french thing! Mirabelle season is super short but the fruits are extra good. I could not really describe them to you, they'r a tiny little prune, it's got its texture, but it's got more of a sweet/caramel taste - it's super good fresh, but delicious cooked in compotes & jams and pies!! So, if you don't have access to them - or you're reading this out of season, you can always make the chocolate mousse only, or pair it with another fruit compote.. i'm thinking something like vanilla/pear would taste bomb !

Compote Mirabelle Healthy -

So, that mousse.     

Healthy Vegan Chocolate Mousse -
Healthy Vegan Chocolate Mousse -

Since all my previous attempt failed, either from taste or texture compared to my original (non-vegan) memories.. I thought, why not combine all ingredients together. Why? here's why:

- cashews : preferably soaked for 4-5 hours or quick method is pouring hot water and let soak 30+ minutes. They are known for giving that creamy texture to preparations. And they're used a lot in raw dessert for mimicking 'cream cheese' aspect. Cashews are full of healthy fats (contribute to lower bad cholesterol and maintain good cardiovascular health), awesome for brain, skin & hair (which I'm trying to grow if you haven't noticed!). They are high in potassium, vitamin E & B6 (folic acid). All that contributing to a good health. They're high in protein which kinda makes this recipe a pretty balanced nutritious dessert! Cashews also don't give any colour to the preparation, so if you're into making pretty food, that's a bonus. They are for sure pricey, so a budget friendly swap would be sunflower seeds. Although I haven't attempted this particular recipe with them, I have already made a raw cake with the seeds and it turned out perfect. Here's the blog post if you want to have a look. 

- avocado : not too much, just one & half. This is the texturing secret to get that creaminess/decadence you want from a mousse, but also 'lightness' in a way! Don't question it too much, I can guarantee that you won't be able to taste it. Ok, except my brother in law did, but he HATES avocados. Of course, avocado is an amazing fruit. It's full of fiber, good vitamins and helps balance out hormones. Avocado will make you feel just full enough from this dessert, so you don't overindulge into !! 

- coconut milk : because coconut milk when whipped gives that airy finish. And let's be honest, because it tastes amazing! The ratio I've used in this recipe are tailored for taste, so none of the ingredients overpower the chocolate. Coconut milk is one of my favorite plant-based milk to use in dessert and smoothies and it turns out to be a pretty healthy ingredient too - just make sure you get a natural one with minimal preservatives agent! 

As you might have notice already, I love to keep my desserts healthy and always strive to make them as natural and minimally processed as possible! That's why I'm also swapping simple processed sugar for dates, and cocoa powder for raw cacao powder (more minerals, less processed). This recipe is also naturally gluten-free, hooray! I can however guarantee that this dessert tastes like a real treat and it will be hard to notice it's made from wholefoods!


Vegan Healthy Chocolate Mousse (GF, wholefoods) - recipe at:

This will make 4 portions (although i've shown 3, because my 4th cup wasn't aesthetic!! haha) + more compote!

Mousse ingredients:
1.5 smallish ripe avocado
1 can (1.5 cup) full fat (natural) coconut milk
8 medjool dates (can also use normal dates but you would need around 12!)
2/3 cup raw cacao powder (or cacao if you can't find)
2 tbsp water
1/2 cup soaked raw cashews
vanilla, 1 bean fresh tahitian best or extract
pinch of salt (option)
topping: mirabelle compote + coco whip (optional)

For the compote
500g pitted mirabelles
half a lemon juice


Method :
Make sure to soak the cashews first - either 4-5 hours in room temperature water or 30 minutes in boiling water  - then rinse them and drain. 
2. Simply add all the mousse ingredients in your blender, and blend for a good 2-3 minutes until the texture is homogeneous. I like to use the smoothie program on my SuperBlender, since it's tailored to create the smoothest smoothies without loosing nutrients either by over blending. If you don't own a high speed blender, I'd suggest you make sure to blend a little longer so you can incorporate some air in the recipe which will create that mousse consistency later!

Healthy Vegan Chocolate Mousse -
Healthy Vegan Chocolate Mousse -
Healthy Vegan Chocolate Mousse -

3. Pour the mousse in 4 little cups and refrigerate for at least 2 hours. 
4. Meanwhile, you can prepare your compote of choice if you wish. For mine i've simply pitted the mirabelles, cut them in half and cooked them with a little lemon juice at low heat for around 40 minutes until they are well reduced.  
5. Take the cups out of the refrigerator and add the compote on top with a little coconut whipped cream/yoghurt if you dare! Allow a 5 minutes at room temperature to enjoy even better! Stores a few days without toppings, covered, in the fridge. 

And that's about it for this recipe! So easy peasy right ? I was so stoked with how it turned out once refrigerated. I mean, look at those bubbles below. I was basically in heaven when I took the first mouthful.

Healthy Vegan Chocolate Mousse -
Healthy Vegan Chocolate Mousse -
Healthy Vegan Chocolate Mousse -

I still need to tell you about one of my favorite program on the kitchenaid blender.. which actually comes after blending. What's after cooking ? CLEANING the dishes. one of my worst nightmare, not exaggerating! But, here's my lifesaver:

Kitchen Aid Pro Blender SuperBlender -

With the auto-clean program, I just have to fill it with half hot water and a drop of soap and press the start button. KitchenAid does the job for a 30 seconds, ensuring all the sticky stuff on the blender and blades gets out ! Isn't that the best ? Well, at least for someone like me who uses it on average twice a day! 
In case you wanted to get yourself that pricey but amazing & powerful machine, here's the little code you apply at checkout for a 10% off (only works on the french website and by following this link) : BBLE10.    

I hope you can try this recipe soon and let me know your thoughts below in comments, or snap a photo and post it on social media & tag me @amelietahiti so I can see and share!
Don't forget I have way more healthy & yummy recipes to share with you in my ebook TheMindfulLife, as well as on instagram so be sure to have a look at both! 

Lots of love, 

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This post is in collaboration with KitchenAid France. This post is not sponsored - The blender has been sent to me from @kitchenaidfr for trial. All opinions mine.