Hi, I'm an activated nut: here's why I'm cool!

activated nuts benefits

Hi, I'm an activated nut, and today I will tell you why I'm so rad. I noticed a lot of people wondered about us activated nuts & seeds, why we're here, where to find us, how to plant us, why to eat us, and all that stuff.. 

We, nuts & seeds, are really good allies to a healthy balanced human diet. We bring lots of mineral and essential nutrients, and are of course a really good asset to a plant-based diet as you can use us in so many dishes : woks, salads, plant-based milks, sauce, raw cake, pesto, pie dough, cheese.. the list is endless.. but, if you are familiar with vegan recipes, you surely already saw the adjective ‘activated’ in the list of ingredients. Even some from this ebook have some ! 

Before anything, I wanna tell you that everything I’m going to explain, applies to majority of nuts (walnuts, pecan, macadamia, cashew, almond, hazelnut, peanut, pistachios), seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, sesame..), some grains (especially wild & brown rice, and buckwheat), and some legumes. Let's keep it simple by saying 'nuts'. 

First of all, no, i'm not a new kind of nut. I'm simply a nut that has been activated. (Were you thinking there was some kind of electrical switch or something ? yea.. i get ya.) I mean, yea, this word is tad bit scary but it’s actually very simple, and I hope my explanation will enlighten you ! (no pun intended ;)) 

We, nuts, naturally contain a few compounds that, if consumed in excess, can be detrimental or conter-productive to your health. Some of them being : 

  • Phytic Acid : the major form of phosphorus storage in plants. Majority is in the shell or bran of designated food. This acid has the chemical property to transform some ions into insoluble mineral salt by binding together, namely : zinc, copper, calcium, iron, magnesium & cobalt. So, when a food is high in phytic acid, absorption of the mineral it contains is made difficult (reducing bioavailability) and can, in some situations (when diet is high in nuts, seeds) result in mineral deficiencies.

  • Enzyme Inhibitors : found in nuts & seeds mostly. They act as a natural preservative for the nuts, and prevents it from prematurely ‘rotting’ (or sprouting LOL). The issue is that - as their name suggests - they block the action of some enzyme in the body that play a role in digestion. Namely, trypsine, which is responsible for proper digestion of protein. So, they make digestion harder, slower, and not so confortable.

  • Lectine : a protein that, isn’t actually that bad - in fact, it’s actually vital to the body and helps in some immune mecanism. However, it’s been proven that it can lead to digestive issues, diarrhoea, nausea; and consuming too much of it, can lead to leptin resistance (hormone that plays a role in the regulation of fat storage)

So that’s when you go like.. humm.. we are so mean !🤔 

Even more so if I tell you that the enzyme capable of breaking down the phytates, the phytase, doesn’t exist in the human body. 😧🤔 hummmm... 


I am a nut whose properties, or specifically minerals, have been made available, (or bioavailable) and assimilable by the human body. Activating us allows to neutralise the effect of phytique acid and to remove (almost entirely) enzyme inhibitors & lectines. 

I hope my lil scientifique explanation was somewhat clear..

Now, where can you find us?

We are made more and more available in organic shops, but we are INSANELY EXPENSIVE just so you know! 
Otherwise, you can activate us yourself with little to no money and time.. and that’s what Amélie does.

activating nut

So, nothing too complicated. Simply, soak us (nuts and seeds) in lukewarm water from 3 to 8 hours (overnight). More than this and we will start to sprout, which could be a good thing if you’re trying to add probiotics to your diet, but generally, it’s better to stop before. When in doubts, check how long you should activate the type of nut you have, as some kinds have a longer or shorter soaking time..
Then, discard the soaking water and rinse us under running water. If you want to activate a bunch at the same time (to have leftovers), it is really important to dry us throughly. Otherwise, we can get mouldy and this can lead to other digestive issues.. lol! And please, don’t use your dishcloths to dry us.. no, we need to be ENTIRELY DRY, and our inside taking longer to dry, you need to use a dehydrator.. or your oven at very low temperature for 4-5 hours (hello bill! lol).
If you plan on eating us quickly (1-2 days), simply keep us in the fridge after you’ve rinsed us.

So now you may ask yourself.. «do I need to do this all the time» ?
I would say, the more the better. Now, this is NOT something Amélie does all the time at all. She does it when she thinks about it, and for the nuts she consumes the most, which are : almonds & cashews. She doesn’t do this for rice, buckwheat, walnuts, macadamia, seeds she might add to her salads - mostly because she's a #lazygirl, not shy about sayin' that! ^^ . There’s really nothing to get obsessive about. It’s just something to know and have at the back of your mind! 

You will notice that activating (soaking) us, will double our size (so smart i know ^^), and so, it makes almost twice as much quantity to work with. This is interesting to know especially if you plan on transforming us into vegan cakes, sour cream (recipe in this ebook) or plant-based milk, as you will need less quantity. 

up an activated almond just rinsed, below a dry activated almond and below a normal almond

up an activated almond just rinsed, below a dry activated almond and below a normal almond

Finally, an interesting and lazy way of consuming more of activated nuts&seeds, is eat bircher for breakfast. This consists of soaking a mix of nuts, seeds & dried fruit with (plant based) yoghurt and milk overnight. As you wake up, we all will be activated and way more digestible and nourishing for ya! Let Amélie know if you’d like a proper recipe ! 

Now, that I have no secrets for you anymore.. back to you Amélie! "

I hope you enjoyed this post and you learnt a thing or 2 ! Share this with your friends on facebook, or write a note below if you have any questions or comment ! 

Lots of Love!