How I became a Yoga Teacher in Paris (tips, costs etc) - My 200H YTT: Part 1


You are curious about yoga.. i like that !! Honestly, who would have thought I’d be a yogi girl, yet even a YOGA TEACHER one day ? ‘not me. But it happened, and today I want to tell you a bit more about becoming a yoga teacher, especially about the yoga teacher training : why, what, how, costs, experience, which to chose etc.

I basically just want to help you find the information you need to make your own decision, or just if you are curious about why I did a teacher training and everything around it ! Bare in mind this is MY blog, MY opinion, MY experience :)

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As you know, I like structure, so, this post will be organised as followed:

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How did I get into a 200H Yoga Teacher Training?

Yep, how did i get to sign up for a 200H yoga teacher training only after taking 5 yoga classes in my life? Well, why not? Pretty long story (if you once hang with me I’ll tell you the whole thing lol) 

But simplified: I was a real fitness kind of girl.. the gym was my thing. Then I got badly injured in my back, and had to stop exercise for a little while, and then I tried to make peace with the fact that I was asking a lot to my body and probably pushing a bit too much.. needed something more ‘gentle, less impactful’.

So, I took my first vinyasa yoga class on a random tuesday in March 2017 I believe, with my long time friend Alexandra Naret (she’s an amazing yoga teacher in Leipzig ;)) & that class was taught by Tatiana Avila Bouru (spoiler alert: who then became my best friend). I felt completely in love with it (and her LOL!) and was mind blown yoga could be that. It was a handstand class and I was like ‘damn this is actually so fun!’. I then waited a bit to get back to class and started following Tatiana a little more and saw she and Gemma Vassallo were training yogis to become teachers. 

At that time I had just arrived in Paris, just quit a job I didn’t like and wanted to focus more on the blog, and also always dabbled with the idea of becoming a trainer or doing something around that.. so I thought hey, I actually love yoga, maybe I can learn more and maybe I can share that with my community ! So, I DMd Tatiana and said something like ‘you’ll think I’m crazy, and maybe I’m not ready or I don’t have the level but I think I want to join your next teacher training’. That was 4 classes in. I really wish I could find my message again and screenshot here for illustration, but I tried and instagram shut down because of how much messages we sent each other since then lol. Then I was sent a bit more of information about it, took a class with Gemma, loved it & I applied and got in! 

So I guess my thought process was : 

  1. Yoga ? haha lol, nah, I need a good workout !

  2. Hum, Yoga looks pretty cool, I want to get cute insta photos too!

  3. Being injured sucks, maybe yoga is a good rehab.

  4. Post first yoga class: Ok wait, that was yoga?

  5. I really like yoga

  6. I LOVE yoga

  7. I want to tell people how good yoga make me feel.

  8. I want to learn more about yoga, and also, kind of getting interested into everything of this weird parallel universe (meditation, breathing, ayurveda, visualisations, yogic practices..)

  9. Why does the teacher keeps repeating inhale exhale… like a million time in class ?

  10. Hold on, I think I just learnt how to breathe

  11. Breathing is seriously the tool to access and control your brain and your body. #Fact

  12. I want to take my practice further.

  13. I want to become a teacher so I can share this passion & teach correct/safe things to people I love like, my friends, family and online community.

  14. Just signed in! 

Yoga Teacher Training Specificities

This is kind of the boring/technical aspect of this blog post, but I believe can be useful for a lot of yogis who are willing to start a teacher training and don’t know where to start, what to look for etc. Here’s a little guide slash Q & A type of thing.

What Teacher Training did you follow ? 

Earth To Fly Teacher Training, 200H Vinyasa part-time in Paris, led by Tatiana Avila Bouru & Gemma Vassallo. Their next session starts in june 2019 and if you want more info then email their team

Is this blog post sponsored by your teacher training ?

Not at all, Gemma and Tatiana are teachers I love and admire, I’m really happy about the training I did (and paid for) (continue reading for the experience!), and Tatiana is my best friend so, I’m just really sharing the love & info.

Can you teach yoga without following a teacher training?

Just going to put this question now so it’s out of our way. Again, this is my opinion. 

Legally, at least in France, yes. Yoga teachers don’t really have a legal status (yet) (I mean, it is legal to be a yoga teacher, but you don’t have to prove a degree like you have to to be a personal trainer/gym coach for example). Practically, not really. First because how can you be confident transmitting a knowledge you don’t have. Secondly cause it can be dangerous for both students (incorrect alignment/assists leading to injuries) and you (because you won’t get any pro insurance), thirdly because you probably won’t be hired by studios either (if that’s your goal).

What are the different trainings available?

Please don’t pick at me for short cutting this. There’s more or less 2 categories of trainings:

  • 200H teacher training. This is the most common first step that any one who wants to either become a yoga teacher or learn more about yoga will do. It (should) includes content about the physical practice (common postures, alignments, benefits), yoga philosophy, other practices (pranayama, meditation, ayurveda chakras exploration..), anatomy, business basics & teaching practice. Then you can take the journey further with a 300H (or do a 500h right away) where you’d learn more advanced postures, more detail, more teaching practice etc. 200H can be done in a different yoga style (vinyasa, hatha, ashtanga, mix..). 200H training should include an exam and give you a diploma. 200H can be intensive or part-time (I touch on that later).  

  • 50H or less modules, workshops.. Those are mostly taken either by curious people who are interested in a specificity of yoga (for their own knowledge), or yoga teachers that did a 200H and want to learn more about a specific topic. Can be pre-post natal yoga, yin yoga, acro yoga, meditation, chakras, yoga nidra, sequencing classes, specific yoga style etc. Can be done during weekends, retreats.. doesn’t necessarily lead to a diploma. 

What about certifications, diplomas ? 

So I mentioned earlier, you could basically teach yoga without a training or a diploma. However, I don’t think it would be very smart. But then, is is necessary to be certified by some sort of organisation? I just think it’s a good way to see if the training you will enroll in is a serious one. There are just SO many teacher trainings now and some seriously do amazing jobs, some really do shit. So, for example Yoga Alliance (the most famous accreditation company) will go over the training content/hours etc, and will decide if it’s ‘good/serious’ enough and will give credit/approval with its certification. 

Your diploma won’t necessarily be asked by studios (depends where!), but your professional insurance will. And to get the insurance you need your diploma. So, yea!

What’s the cost of a yoga teacher training ?

Very wide answer. Very. Very wide. I think a 200H shouldn’t be expected lower than 2000€. But then depending on the training, the place, I heard some are close to 10 000 even 20 000 depending on the teacher/style popularity. 

Also, keep in mind your teacher training will cost more money than the cost asked on the registration form. Think about : equipment (good mat, blocks, strap), books, meals, accommodation (if you need to travel), classes you will be required to attend if part-time (at additional cost) (hours of practices), make up private classes, cute leggings (lol that’s a total option;)), self-care, massage, etc. 

As a matter of transparency and help you figure out: my teacher training costed : 2600€ (flat fee for 200H in class) + practice 3x/week in studios (around 20€ per class, for about 6 months) + extra meals and stuff probably another 300€. So let’s say around 4500€ very rounded.

Do you have to have an amazing practice to do a teacher training ?

It depends which you’re applying for, but most likely, no. You will however learn about correct alignments in fundamental postures (hopefully) and be really good at that. You’d be surprised but lots of so-called yogis or insta yogis that you think have ‘amazing practices’ (translate to sensational arm balances & backbends) have no clue about anatomy, physiology, alignment, introspection & body awareness.
You need to be passionate about yoga, curious and open-minded. But not a total beginner or started yoga a week ago (says the girl that signed in a month later. lol. don’t wanna sound arrogant but I didn’t start from a 0 sense of body awareness, strength or flexibility).

Just keep in mind, yoga is way more than a physical practice, but it is still a ‘workout’ and enrolling in a teaching training should be a thoughtful process, especially if you aren’t used to practice a lot or are sedentary: It is fairly intense on the body. Don’t start a training if your body is tired & weak. 

Can you follow a teacher training if you don’t want to be a teacher ?

Yes. This was my case, my purpose was to learn more about yoga, deepen my practice and also just be able to share good, informative & safe knowledge to my friends, fam & community online if I ever were to put yoga content on youtube, insta or stuff. I still don’t really want to be or call my self a yoga teacher (despite I teach yoga now) cause, you know, i’m more of a ‘little bit of everything, i can’t decide what I want to do with my time and my life, i have too many passions kind of girl’. But, yea, a LOT of people don’t actually want to teach and are doing this for theirselves.

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To be continued..

You are probably drained reading all this info. I mean, I am drained writing all this. 

I didn’t think I’d find a way of writing this much but why am I even surprised ? My blog posts keep getting longer and longer and I am not even halfway through what I wanted to tell you..LOL so here’s the thing: I’ll cut this blog post into 2 parts.

If you’ve enjoyed reading this first part, please share with your friends, leave me a little comment below (you don’t need a special account, anyone can write a comment :)) and if you show enough interest I’ll post the second part which is way more fun & personal & tell you how I chose my teacher training, help you chose yours, what I’ve learnt, how was my experience..and all that.. deal


Now, the sky is blue, birds are singing and the sun is shining so I’m gonna get out enjoy that while it last!!!

Hope you all have a beautiful day!! 

Namasté ;)

Lots of love, Amélie