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About Amelie from www.amelietahiti.com

Welcome to my website and thank you for visiting!

My name is Amélie and I'm the founder of 'AmelieTahiti', blog + instagram + youtube.
I've graduated from HEC business school, major finance & accounting, and have decided to take those skills to my little online platform, business and never-ending projects!
I have a lot of passions & interests: I'm a foodie (I love to eat and I love to cook), fitness & adventure lover (any type), I dance, I'm a yogi and yoga teacher, I love creating recipes, videos. I adore photography, writing blog posts, sharing life experiences with others and travelling. More than anything I love to make healthy conscious choices about my lifestyle and inspire others to do the same! I am sensitive to ecology, animal & human wellness and health: this is why I decided to turn vegan in June 2015.

In 2017, I published «The Mindful Life Ebook» available in both French & English, a practical guide to lead an active, vegan healthy and happy life - well received by hundreds of you already! Thank you so much for your support! Since then I've created a few more useful and specific tools & guides for you, which I - besides being super proud of - have no doubt will make your life easier!

My goal on this blog and social media is to share useful information and to show that a healthy, mindful, vegan & active lifestyle is easy,fun and super accessible! This lifestyle, for me, is not a trend or a belief, it's simply started from opening my eyes to the surrounding world and then making the best possible choices. Favor natural, eco-friendly options and live a life in harmony with the planet, all living beings, and myself! :)

I hope you find some good inspiration here! A big thank you for your support!

Enjoy your visit & see you soon!

xo Amélie

All information provided on this website come from my own research: studies, books, documentaries, knowledge and personal experience. The reader is completly aware and takes full responsability for its own choices & actions. Tips given are not to be substituted to professional medical advice.