• Where are you from and where do you live?
    This question doesn't have a simple answer: as soon as I was born near Paris, we moved to east of France a few years, and then to Tahiti which is were I spent most of my child/teenage hood ! Tahiti is and always will be home for me. I currently live in Paris, France.

  • How old are you?
    I'm a 1993 baby!

  • Why Amelie Tahiti ?
    Years ago I created all accounts (email, msn..) with this name because it was super easy to remember. Then I started a personal instagram, which turned into something a little bit less personal lol ;) but I kept the name!

  • What is your job, what did you study?
    I'm a self-entrepreneur, currently full time 'influencer', and qualified yoga teacher :). My work revolves around creating content on my blog, instagram and youtube to help you as much as I can! I love creating unique, quality content for brands too. Before that I was a financial auditor/accountant for a few months. I graduated in finance/accounting from HEC Montreal business school in 2014.


  • When & Why did you go vegan?
    I went vegan around June 2015. For me, it was an overall awakening to align my values (ethics, health, ecology) to my actions.

  • Do you follow a particular plant-based diet ?
    No, apart from eating healthily, whole foods most of the time! I have tried a few diets when I first turned vegan but it really wasn't for me. I like eating real unprocessed food and be creative with what I eat. I'm not a big fan of super oily or deep-fried food! I'm mindful about eating the right macro-elements & nutrients to help me live my best, but i really don't obsess about anything ! :) If you want to learn more about nourishing your body in a physiological, healthy, vegan way, check out the Nourish Page!

  • I'm really interested in veganism, I just don't know where to start!
    That's totally normal! There is just so much information out there, it took me months of research & self-experiment to figure out the rights and the wrongs! Let me HELP YOU save time and energy: I've summarised everything into one place : my ebook The Mindful Life is perfect to begin with veganism! You will learn how to change your habits, shop, cook (60+ recipes included), avoid deficiencies, in-depth nutrition (nutrients & physiology covered), handle social events and much more!
    If you want more recipes ideas: spend a little time on the blog, grab my FREE smoothies mini-ebook, use pinterest, youtube, instagram for inspiration!

  • Do you have any vegan books/documentaries recommandations ?
    Yes! I'm planning to do a summary blog post soon!

  • I'm coming to France/Paris soon, can you recommend places to eat, activities to do?
    That's awesome! Yes I can definitely help you out! :) Being vegan in France is not too complicated, despite what you would think, you just have to know where to shop/eat, how to ask for vegan food, and which are the naturally vegan options! Save yourself some time, french classes & stress, I've got your back! My mini-guide How to be vegan in France! is made JUST FOR YOU! :)
    Now I also plan on writing a few blog posts about my favorite spots to enjoy vegan food & things to do in Paris soon so subscribe to my newsletter not to miss out!


  • When did you start yoga?
    I took my first yoga class in may 2017.

  • How do I start yoga? Tips?
    Check out this video I answer those questions! :)

  • Where did you do your YTT and do you teach classes ?
    A blog post about this is definetely on the list! and yes I do, click here to see the schedule. If you’re not in Paris, follow my classes on Youtube!

  • How often do you workout ?
    Here's my exercice routine.


  • What is your camera/kitchen equipment ?
    All my equipment is listed here.

  • How do you edit your photos on instagram ?
    I use my own presets in Adobe Lightroom on my computer. It's definitely been a big learning curve but I'm super proud of where I've come! I really want to start to talk more about editing & photography in the near future, and maybe create a preset pack for you! For instagram stories I either use the filters in the app, or Lightroom Mobile which is free!

  • How do you edit your videos ?
    I use final cut pro x

  • How do you make money from social media ?
    I have various streams of income: selling my own products on (ebook, guides, and more soon!) is my favourite way and I hope to eventually just be able to do this! But I also do: content creation for brands, product endorsement (although I tend to keep to minimum!), ads from youtube (when I upload a video! haha). All paid content/sponsored posts are clearly mentioned/hashtaged. I am extremely careful and picky about the brands & products I promote. I personally approve/use everything I promote as I would not like to be advertised a mediocre product.

  • I have another question, how do I contact you ?
    For personal questions leave it as a comment on my latest instagram post, I read and reply to all!
    Question about my ebooks + collabs, e-mail me:


Thank You For Your Interest ! :) xoxo