Being a healthy vegan lifestyle blogger, and just a normal person who enjoys eating as much as cooking, it's not a surprise that i LOVE to talk about FOOD. I'm a firm believer that health starts with a good nutrition and I strongly believe that "you are what you eat" (and, more generally you become what you consume.. but that's a another story!).
I do not follow any diet or plan besides eating 100% plant-based and unprocessed food most of the time. I'm being mindful about the quality of the ingredients I chose and their level of 'energy' (or vibrance) as much as possible: organic, seasonal & sustainable. That's not to say I don't enjoy some vegan cakes, french fries, chocolate or less healthy food every now and then, but I really just feel my best eating wholefoods and I love to create and experiment new recipes with them! I don't think vegan wholefoods has to be boring or blend tasting in any ways!!
I was lucky to grow up eating healthy homemade food, but later I defintely had a few unhealthy/obsessive phases with my diet. I have now found a really good balance that satisfies my health, tastebuds and sustain my fitness/activity goals & needs! I hope I can help you find peace, balance and happiness with the food you eat!
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Are you curious to learn and understand more about macronutrients (carbs, fat, protein), micronutrients (vitamins & minerals) and how our body uses them to function? Wonder which carbs are healthy? What are the good fats? What about calories? How is a vegan diet physiologic?
Then you'll love reading the nutrition part of The Mindful Life ebook where everything is covered and summarised for you! :)


It is often said and believed that vegans are deficient if they don't take supplements. Deficiencies is definetly something you want to take seriously, especially when you transition from a standard diet. Since plants and animal products don't have the same nutritive profile, it is important to be educated on minerals & vitamins to ensure your diet is well balanced and sustains your health (good news: I'm here to help!)


Want to have a quick look into my fridge, cupboards and diet ? Looking for ideas on what to buy and eat as a healthy vegan or just to get into healthier eating habits?
This guide is FREE & made for YOU!
I included a pantry list with a weekly and montly grocery checklist as well as some meals ideas and few tips!
I hope this serves you well !

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I've created the mindful life ebook so you don't have to worry or waste your time and money to figure out healthy vegan mindful eating! my affordable ebook includes in-depth nutrition, tips to transition to plant-based diet, staying healthy while eating out/travelling, overcome unhealthy eating patterns and more than 60 wholesome plant-based recipes that all your family can enjoy!


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