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I have debated whether it was legitimate for me to have a full page dedicated to blogging & photography education, when I'm not a profesionnal photographer. To be honest, it scares me a little and I know I'll get judged on this. Taking photos is part of my job on social media and is a big passion of mine. I have learnt so much things I want to share with you, while still learning too, but I am NOT a profesionnal photographer and I know I'll get judged for that.
This is an opportunity for me to tell you a little something: there's always going to be thousands of people 'more talented' than you - but don't less this weaken your self-esteem and refrain you from sharing what you love & have learned because you think you are "not perfect at it yet" (and you'll probably never be anyways, no one is!). In the end what matters is what makes YOU happy, because if YOU are happy by doing what you love, then you inspire others to do what they love and the world is just going to be a better, happier place. There is room for everyone's unique perspective, experience and creativity.You are you and you will always stand out if you chose to shine!

On this page you'll find all photography & blogging related content & blog posts as I start to share more tips about that! Editing presets & filters are on the work too Yay!

My equipement is listed here.

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