(CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE) The Mindful Life ebook

(CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE) The Mindful Life ebook


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A little (big!) guide I've put together to help you lead a wholesome, mindful life ! 

Tips & info about veganism, nutrition, mindfulness, fitness.

65+ Wholesome Plant Based Recipes - Healthy, Easy, Lots of GF & Oil-free options!
Metric measurements (grammes) & cups for each recipe.
Breakfast, Smoothies, Meals, Soups, Oil-free dressings, Deserts & Treats.. 

Beautiful vibrant images. 

Lots of inspo ! 

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130+ pages of everything covering a healthy, thriving, active, plant-based lifestyle.
This e-book is not intended to dictate what or what not to do, but rather to share what I personally do, to inspire you to get active and creative to become a better version of yourself! I wish to show you veganism is not difficult and does not compromise taste ! 
I've really poured all my energy and knowledge into this e-book and I am super happy to share it with you !
I am so excited about this project I had in my mind for quite a time & I truly hope it will be a great companion to your healthy lifestyle

You will find : 

  • A little more about me, biography, what led me to adopt this lifestyle

  • A summary of reasons to be vegan (in complement to what's on my website)

  • Some of the questions asked to vegans & how to answer them (as a little preview of Where's my protein? Guide)

  • In depth nutrition information (very scientifically based, how our body functions, all about macro & micro-elements/deficiencies)

  • Tips on adopting a healthy & balanced plant-based lifestyle with success

  • What my diet looks like exaclty

  • Tips to go groceries, what to eat, how to stay healthy while away & more

  • Fitness science

  • Fitness tips to reach your goals

  • My workout routine & favourite exercises

  • Workouts

  • Tips to stay healthy & workout on holidays

  • A somewhat constructed section where I talk and give tips about mindfulness (body image confidence, life purpose (career/happiness), self-love, deal with FOMO & more !

  • Tips to be more eco-friendly and have a good hygiene (incl. my personal beauty care)

  • 65+ Wholesome Plant-Based Recipes, simple, delicious and healthy, tested multiple times! With tips & alternatives. All recipe have metric and cups measurements. Heaps of gluten-free options and oil-free!

  • Includes things like pancakes, smoothies, vibrant salads, vegan tahitian raw fish, dahl, curries, raw treats, chocolat fondant etc.

  • Table of content, recipe index, beautiful unique photos, cute layout

For those wondering, this is not a 20-days-to-a-perfect- body-guide but it will definitely help you achieve your goals with realistic and thoughtful tips! 

Thanks so much for your support, please share your feedback on social media with the hashtag #TheMindfulLife and tag me @amelietahiti

Lots of love, Amélie

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