How To Be Vegan in France

How To Be Vegan in France


Being a vegan in Paris, I get asked on the daily if I have any recommandations or things to know to stay healthy & vegan in France! Yes I DO ! This guide will make your travel preparation + french experience way easier and smoother, without compromising your cultural immersion!
I’ve included where to shop for vegan food (budget options), how to prepare for your trip, all my recos & unseen tips and it may or may not include some useful french lessons too ;)!

This guide contains 10 full pages worth of content.

Note: You will not find any restaurant/café recommandations in this guide, I’ll keep those for my blog! This guide is about France in general and will help you figure out how you can be and stay vegan while enjoying your life in the country of croissants, cheese & charcuterie platters!

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