Veganism is a topic I am really pasionnate about. I went vegan in June 2015 and have never regretted that decision. Veganism is a lifestyle where you consume without harming any living species (as much as you can). This means someone who is vegan not only choses to eat a 100% plant-based diet but also doesn't use animal products (fashion, cosmetics) or things in which animals have been exploited for human profit (Zoos for ex.).
Theoretically veganism is only about being cruelty-free towards animals. However, many vegans (myself included) also see great benefits of this lifestyle on health, environnement and human ethics! I strongly believe everyone can benefit from this lifestyle, but I personnally prefer having an educational/inspiring approach rather than forcing it. Veganism doesn't define who i am: it is only a part of myself, but it has definetly made me more compassionate, educated about nutrition + sustainability + animal conditions, and is what put me on the path of a more mindful living!
I now feel very confident to help, inspire and educate people about this awesome lifestyle! My ebook The Mindful Life and vegan guides are specifically designed to help you kickstart your journey in the best possible educated way without wasting time, money & health!
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When I decided to go vegan, I was overwhelmed by all the (contradictory) info there was. I read many studies, watched movies, followed bloggers, tried different diets to keep fit..I WAS LOST! It took me lots of time (and money!) to figure how to combine veganism with the active, fit and mindful life I had. This ebook is designed to make it way EASIER, FASTER & CHEAPER for YOU!

Includes all you need to know to kick start your journey! In-depth nutrition, grocery list & tips to switch to a healthy plant-based diet, stay social, fitness science & workouts, mindfulness, +60 wholesome vegan recipes & more!


Learn the many reasons and benefits that lead more and more people to adopt this lifestyle! I've gathered all the information I have learned through books, documentaries, studies and own experience!


So, you just turned vegan and are now bombarded with questions from your friends, family & co-workers: "Where's your protein? iron defficiency? what if you're on a deserted island? How dare you wear leather? You're so not eco-friendly! Isn't soy bad? Veganism is too pricey/extreme!.."
Not sure what/how to answer?
Been there! 'Where's your protein?' guide has premade answers to all questions so you can OWN IT LIKE A BOSS while sounding educated, calm & humble!


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